1. Olympus Mons [10:34]
  2. Snowflakes [9:26]
  3. Pure Obsession [10:24]
  4. Seashore [12:08]
  5. La Luna [10:46]
  6. Tranquility Base [8:57]
  7. In Orbit [8:38]
Chill Out Beats and fine sequences embedded in a relaxing Lounge atmo. Sometimes meditative, sometimes decently surreal, dreamy hovering, spherical deep, at another time just single tones, then again floating or hypnotic with choir sounds… A warm basic atmosphere and the extraordinary sound quality make this album unique. Simplicity and tranquillity make this album very beautiful. The albums ends with a catchy earworm. A wonderful floating album which is excellent to calm down and enjoy slowness.