1. Until Eternity [9:34]
  2. Dont move [7:00]
  3. Number 43 [5:02]
  4. Eternized in Crystal [7:55]
  5. Impact of Mind [6:30]
  6. Transition [6:07]
  7. Still Alive [8:02]
  8. Automode [7:29]
  9. Born [4:39]
  10. Tranquility [5:24]
  11. Adieu! [5:21]
A few personal notes to this album ...

Fate is omnipresent. Some day everybody of us will be concerned. And the more you love or are beloved, the stronger it hits You. Too many seconds of our lives pass away without any sense. You lose yourself in trivial things and pass the moments that really matter, or could have been. And then, when suddenly everything changes without a warning, You begin to think, to see own mistakes, to remember the beauty of the past, just think of the moments that really mattered.

Thankfully I had this time. And we enjoyed it together. Since my mother's death in August 2013, it is no longer possible for me to believe in a God, who is controlling the fate of any creature in universe. Rather it's probably the fate itself, thatīs taking but also giving. So my son an me survived unharmed the lightning strike in June this year in our house. Chance, coincidence, fortune, luck, fate or perhaps the angel? Who can say for sure? Probably each of us is just a leaf in the wind of time and universe that involuntarily falls down to earth at any time at any place, and quietly fades away. The songs on this album all arose from these and many more of my thoughts and feelings of the past year.

I dedicate this album to my beloved mother. She has always been my best friend .

Bernd "moonbooter" Scholl
January 2014