1. Shoot Out [4:18]
  2. Rusty Barrels [6:22]
  3. Fireflies [5:08]
  4. Glassbird [2:45]
  5. Fallen [5:42]
  6. Lost Windmill [5:09]
  7. The Light in Between [4:54]
  8. Aflutter [3:08]
  9. Walls of Stories [5:14]
  10. Final Arena [6:07]
This appears to be Stefan Erbe's first true full-size ambient album. The 10 tracks spanned a wonderful detailed sound into a complete story of his "Serbernity-World". A fascinating journey between lost places and virtual images. A real cinematic journey for your mind.

Three legacy albums in one year - we've never had that before? But we live in unusual times. Any live activities are taboo at first, creativity then seeks out its outlet elsewhere. Experiences that lead to musical inspiration abound. The location depicted on the cover could be an abandoned concert hall and an allusion to the current situation - but it doesn't have to be.

On the other hand, some also seek out the quiet of such 'lost places' in order to come to terms with themselves again. We don't know if that was necessary, but without a doubt 'Serbenity' is an album that exudes satisfaction with its own work at every moment - the title alludes to the English word for serenity. On the other hand, 'relaxed' is exactly the style that Stefan Erbe celebrates on his latest work: The journey towards ambient / atmospheric sounds, which was already indicated on the 'Breathe', was consistently continued. You will look in vain for anything danceable, and other well-known heritage sounds are also used so sparingly that they look more like a signature that a painter places in the corner of his work of art.

'Serbenity' is an album that I will remember as a complete work, less because of individual tracks. It looks like it was created in the flow of a single session. But every session has its end, even if that is only given by the playing time of the medium. The last track 'Final Arena' doesn't seem like a closing point to me, more like a preview of what's to come. If Stefan Erbe's albums were a sequel series, I would say he built in a little 'cliffhanger' here. Let's take that positively as the promise that the story will go on and that we can follow it with us. Anyway, I'm looking forward to the next chapter ...

Alfred Arnold