1. Mercalli's Scale [12:01] MP3 soundclip of Mercalli`s scale [3:00]
    Ron Boots - Eric van der Heijden - Gerard Vos
  2. Time Room Spirits [11:55]
    Ron Boots - Eric van der Heijden
  3. Running out of time [7:25]
    Ron Boots - Eric van der Heijden - Harold van der Heijden
  4. Through Mental Doors [8:57]
    Ron Boots - Eric van der Heijden - Ad van Gerven - Harold van der Heijden - Ingrid Lohuis
  5. On the Edge [11:53] MP3 soundclip of On the edge [3:00]
    Ron Boots - Eric van der Heijden - Ad van Gerven - Harold van der Heijden
  6. Time Room Special [7:56]
    Ron Boots - Eric van der Heijden - Harold van der Heijden - Gerard Vos
  7. March 28th [10:35]
    Ron Boots - Rob Essers - Ad van Gerven - Rob Papen - Bas Broekhuis
  8. Unitas Special [5:23] MP3 soundclip of Unitas special [3:00]
    Ron Boots - Eric van der Heijden - John Kerr - Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock - Harold van der Heijden
Contains material from several live performances.
"By Popular Demand" is a CD of live performances by Ron Boots, Eric van der Heijden and friends.
The friends are Gerald Vos, Harold van der Heijden, Ad van Gerwen, Bas Broekhuis, Ingrid Lohuis and Klaus Hoffman Hoock.

Some of the selections feature Ron's penchant for live synth trios, others feature synth duets and percussion. The highlight is the cosmic and ethereal "Through Mental Doors." That piece features narration by Louise, Harold's masterful drumming, a synth trio of Ron, Eric and Ad and Ad and Ron on didjeridu!
It is one of the wildest outer space rides imaginable! The massive soundscape is carried by some wild sci-fi manipulations and some overblown sequences. Ron's didg drone sets it up and a synth drone takes it home.

The whole album sparkles with energy and giddy zeal. This is a classic example of live electronica and its intention - fun and entertainment!

Jim Brenholts Listen to the awesome work by Harold van der Heijden doing Doubles on track 5. With Lots of Rocking Melodies.

2007. Mike Costa / usa Another re-release, this time of this popular live CD which has been deleted and in "popular demand" for some time.

On it we find Ron Boots, Eric van der Heijden (Music Of Ron & Eric) and Friends knocking out some fine live pieces, and none more so that the sensational opener 'Mercallis Scale'. This is a monster of a track, with "take no prisoners" sequencing backed by the dynamic drums of Gerard Vos. Add Ron & Eric in superb lead synth form and it adds up to 12 minutes of pure brilliance.
'Time Room Spirits' calms things down significantly, with ethereal pads and subtle sonics leading to a laid back rhythm. 'Running Out of Time' is a piece adapted from 'Universal Time Zone'. It's lush and robust but not overly impressive. 'Through Mental Doors' features Dutch female voice and edgy sonics, and to be honest is a bit of a stinker. 'On the Edge' however gets things back on course with fantastic synth sweeps and "resonant sequencer waves". The synth thematics are pitched to perfection, and impressively managed considering the live setting. 'Time Room Special' serves up more chill out fodder and though not bad I think it's not sufficiently different to 'Time Room Spirits' to warrant inclusion. No matter though because immediately following is 'March 28th', which is advertised as "impression of analog day - Sittard '92". Lots of analog chunkyness, and it features the fantastic Rob Essers which must make it worthy of serious attention alone. Finally we get 'Unitas Special' which features Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock on guitar, but again it's not a stand out piece.

A mixed bag yes, but the opener is a jaw dropper, 'March 28th' huge fun, and there are a couple of others which certainly make this worth picking up if you haven't already.