1. Coldfields [11:15] MP3 soundclip of Coldfields [3:00]
  2. New Dream [10:40]
  3. Desert [11:37]
  4. Alpha [8:37] MP3 soundclip of Alpha [3:00]
  5. Nosferatu [7:08]
  6. Snow Mountain [7:19] MP3 soundclip of Snow Mountain [3:00]
  7. Raining Bells [17:06]
Remastered music from his 1987 C-90 cassette. The last track "Andromeda" from the original cassette is on the CD "Odds & Ends" because it didn't fit on this CD.
All tracks are carefully cleaned and valvenized to bring the music to nowadays standard but with preservation of the original feeling.
No overdubs or additional music is added. "New Dream" features Ron Boots' toy, an Atari computer and multi-timbral sound module. He "grossly overused" his digital reverb but "Sequencing became fun!"
The music continues the dream theme of his first release "Dreamweaver" allowing some light to enter. The ominous and sinister overtones still dominate, light and airy undertones create a feeling of new discovery.

Jim Brenholts