1. Only with you [14:05] MP3 soundclip of Only with you [3:01]
  2. Cosmos [5:32]
  3. Clearmind [11:03] MP3 soundclip of Clearmind [3:00]
  4. Rivers [7:56]
  5. Once never [11:18] MP3 soundclip of Once never [3:00]
  6. Final [6:21]

    Bonus tracks:
  7. Himalaya [7:03]
  8. Thomaskerk [5:34]
Remastered music from his 1988 C-60 cassette "Moments".
(The cd is also available in a box with an extensive 56 page booklet with lots of photo's, biography and discography.)

"Himalya" is from the Klem CD #1. "Thomaskerk" is a piece recorded live in the Thomas Church on March 25 1990.
All tracks are carefully cleaned and valvenized to bring the music to nowadays standard but with preservation of the original feeling.
No overdubs or additional music is added. "Moments" features 69 minutes of music originating from 1988. Two bonus tracks have been added. This time, the music possesses a more personal, human touch, as Boots captures significant memories with his heavenly electronic compositions.
Romantic tenderness, whimsical impressions, sad losses, powerful accomplishments...he presents specific memories in a manner that transcends details, evoking similar events in all of our lives with this sentimental music.

Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity "Moments" was Ron Boots' fourth commercial release. The CD re-issue contains two bonus tracks from the same era of his career. The album is a supersonic melange of Ron's past and things to come.

He offsets his sequenced walls of dramatic sound with dynamic atmospheric soundscapes. The result is an emotional and intellectual juxtaposition. The minimalism threatens to go sci-fi. The space music borders on introspective. Only a master synthesist can hold such divergent forces at bay.

Ron is all that AND a bag of chips! This CD wins at every turn and every angle!

Jim Brenholts