1. The Seedling [5:54] MP3 soundclip of The Seedling [3:00]
    Original extract from the CD "The Seed".
  2. RadioDance [6:56]
    From the CD sampler "Radiowellen".
  3. The Run [7:07]
    From the CD "Sequences 20". With the first 0,5 second included.
  4. Andromeda [9:16]
    Remaining track from the "New Dream" cassette.
  5. Flightlog [7:07] MP3 soundclip of Flightlog [3:00]
    From the CD sampler "Mysterious Neighbour".
  6. Swallows Passing [11:22]
    Remaining track from the "Wind in the Trees" cassette.
  7. Among the Stars [7:58] MP3 soundclip of Among the Stars [3:00]
    Alternate version of the track on the Hypnos CD sampler "The Other World". Hypnos used the slower, darker version.
  8. Twisted Stories [8:35]
    From the CD sampler "New Instrumental Music II".
  9. Sonic Scream [8:38]
    Alternate version of "Sonic Senery part II". It's the live version that was played in Huizen, the Netherlands on October 30 1999.
Two remastered tracks from his C-90 cassettes which didn't fitted on the respective CDs. The other tracks are from various 'hard to find' samplers and one previously unreleased live track.
(The cd is also available in a box with an extensive 56 page booklet with lots of photo's, biography and discography.)

All music composed and performed by Ron Boots except "Sonic Scream" composed and performed by Eric & Harold v.d. Heijden, Kees Aerts and Ron Boots. "Odds and Ends" is a diverse collection of unreleased material Ron Boots' entire career. The CD has the feel of a Steve Roach "Lost Pieces" disc.

The pieces, albeit from different years, even different eras, flow together and lose nothing in this format. Indeed, Ron's sequenced material has plenty of atmosphere and his atmospheric pieces have plenty of sequencing. The pieces are al l complimentary. The key element of this CD is the infectious joy that it exudes. On this, as on all of his albums, it sounds like Ron is having fun!

That feeling always makes a CD jut that much better!

Jim Brenholts "Odds & Ends" features 73 minutes of tracks from numerous sources: samplers, collections, and a few left-over pieces from the other cds in this box-set. One is an alternate, livelier version of Boots' track from the Hypnos collection "The Other World", while another is a live song from 1999.

Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity