1. Ian Boddy - Delta Transmission [8:33]
  2. Free System Projekt - Analogy [9:01]
  3. Ron Boots & Kees Aerts & Harold & Eric vd Heijden - Lively detached [12:19]
  4. Cosmic Hoffmann - Shiva Connection [10:44]
  5. Lambert - Sphärenreise [6:47]
  6. Keller & Schonwalder & others - Die goeie ouwe tijd [7:24]
  7. Elektronische Maschine - Power Maschine [4:22]
  8. Steve Roach - Distant signals [6:51]
This CD is specially made for the E-Live 2000 festival in the Netherlands on September 10 2000.
All music is previously unreleased except for Cosmic Hoffmann - Shiva Connection.

Due to a mastering error, track #6 is empty for several minutes. Ian Boddy opens the CD with "Delta Transmission". The Englishman is a master in combining atmospheres with clever, modern, rhythms. This track is no exception. Great ambiences!

Dutchman Marcel Engels, a.k.a. Free System Projekt, finds his inspiration in the traditional "Berlin School" e.m. He doesn’t use a real Mellotron on the piece with the fitting title "Analogy" but the samples he uses sounds just like the real thing. Mellotronstrings, choirs, flutes, soft sequencers. It is all there! Early Tangerine Dream couldn’t have done this better.

MORE is a collaboration between Ron Boots, Kees Aerts (the organizers of "E-Live"), Eric van der Heijden and Harold van der Heijden. "Lively Detached" is a very melodic piece with nice sequences which are perfectly build up, great leadlines and fine drumparts.

Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock, well known of this electronic/symphonic/ethnic crossover-project Mind Over Matter, creates analog spacemusic under the name Cosmic Hoffmann. "Shiva Connection", the titletrack of his second album, is an excellent atmospherically piece with great sequencerlines and much, much room for the (real) Mellotron. Klaus’ analog friend Stephen Parsick accompanies him.

Lambert also makes music with a clear "roots" in the seventies but with a more melodically/symphonic approach. "Sphärenreise" is a good example.

Keller & Schönwälder & friends played at "E-Live 1999". A piece from their concert is presented on this CD under the Dutch title "Die Goeie Ouwe Tijd" (in English "The Good Old Days"). It is a rhythmic track (courtesy of Bas B. Broekhuis) with a nice sequence and with Bernd Braun (Arcanum) on guitar. Again, great Mellotronsounds!

The Dutch trio Elektronische Maschine presents a live recording. Their title "Power Maschine" is well found because this powerful electronic music with driving rhythms and a fine melody.

Steve Roach is the Grandmaster of ambient. His "Distant Signals" is an atmospheric and spacey drawing. Music that brings the listener back to the really good old days, the ancient days.

2000. © Paul Rijkens