1. The rising Sun [8:54] MP3 soundclip of The rising sun [3:00]
  2. Floating [3:24]
  3. Rivers [7:58]
  4. The Well [8:40]
  5. Meadow [10:32] MP3 soundclip of Meadow [3:00]
  6. Malibou Beach [7:17]
  7. The Escher Drawing [10:38]
  8. Ocean Tale [21:25] MP3 soundclip of Ocean tale [3:00]
    1. Shoreline
    2. Fast Wave
    3. Landsight
This CD contains the music of the same cassettes, composed by Ron Boots and Bas Broekhuis.
Accessible, visual music perfect for relaxation and dreaming.
This is the remastered version of 2004 with new artwork.
This version also includes the original version of "Rivers". This is a CD release of an early Ron Boots/Bas Broekhuis cassette album which has spawned tracks on CDs such as 'Dreamscape' and 'The Escher Drawings'. In effect this is a similar project to Ron Boots' 'Backgrounds' CD which gave a forum for early cassette releases - in fact one of the tracks here, 'Meadow', actually appears on that CD. 'Backgrounds' is, unsurprisingly, not Ron Boots' best release and would probably appeal to loyal fans only. 'Hydrythmix' however fairs rather better, possible because it is a bona-fide album rather than a hotch potch of tracks from separate projects.

Highpoints include the opener 'Rising Sun' which, after 1˝ minutes of moody atmospherics, bursts into sequential life creating some pleasing rhythms which have all the hallmarks of Ron Boots' laid back style. Klaus Schulze fans will delight at the 10˝ minute 'The Escher Drawing'. The sequences and overall feel is very similar to 'Bayreuth Return' from 'Timewind', in fact it could almost be spliced into the middle and not noticed!
The other tracks tend to be be drifty, moody affairs which feature sequences but they are mainly used for atmospheric rather than rhythmic duties.

At times an itchy finger prodded the skip button, an indication that rather too much padding has been used in places, but overall this is an interesting album which Ron Boots fans may well want to investigate, and 'Timewind' fans may want to give it a try out of sheer curiosity!

GG Recorded in 1989, released on CD in 1996, reissued in 2004. Some discs are worth being resurrected, and Hydrythmix is one of them.

The powerful classic Berlin school sequencing grabs you immediately on "The Rising Sun", more than strong enough to carry the rest of the track on its back. Bubbly little effects shine brightly in the mix, and soaring synth strings bring it home.
"Floating" is appropriately named, as light keys and occasional clicking drumsticks play off a cat-like main synth phrase that seems to expand and contract.
"Rivers" is a well-known track from Ron’s Dreamscape CD, pulsing steadily along with swelling grandeur.
Water bubbles up from "The Well" amidst light percussion and fluty synths, ending with a Japanese flavor.
Bas’ quiet but powerful drums are featured in "Meadow", joined by Ron’s great synth work.
The tropical if slightly misspelled "Malibou Beach" is suitably warm and soothing.
"The Escher Drawing" is a fantastic track in the grand style of vintage Klaus Schulze, a precursor to Bas’ excellent solo disc by the same name.
Hydrythmix ends with the 21-minute "Ocean Tale" ,which plays as one piece but has three separately titled unmarked pieces within it.
"Shoreline" is very mellow and a touch melancholy, then "Fast Wave" clearly picks up right at the sequence that starts at 8:15, which adds drums, bird calls, synth pads, and cool bell tones.
It all drops off rather dramatically as "Landsight" picks up at the 15:20 mark. A metallic, hollow tone rings out, a few other electronic dabbles, then a ticking clock and a steady bass pulse. Hints of soft melody try but never quite coalesce from the mist, and the disc fades quietly and coolly away.


2004. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space This release from 2004 features 79 minutes of powerful EM, originally recorded and released back in 1989 on cassette.
Combining Boots’ masterful electronics and Broekhuis’ rhythmic expertise, the result could only be dazzling and engaging.

Sparkling notes cascade with exhilaration, flowing past surging riffs that captivate the audience and spilling into a zone where everything collides with creative forethought. Heavenly airs waft above as these elements merge and infiltrate each other.
Chords meld into other notes. Sequenced threads loop and recycle until a lavish panorama is achieved. Beats pitter and patter, mounting to generate impassioned tempos.
Lurking in these melodies is a profusion of vivacious pinnacles, each of which delivers a severe dose of optimism and elation. Stately, slow-building patterns accrete power and auxiliary textures until they reach gripping crescendos of immensely satisfying proportion.
The journey to those peaks is as thrilling as the zeniths themselves. With each passing moment, tension builds, tickling the audience with the promise of grand apexes in store for all. When those ecstatic heights are reached, the music continues to deliver reward after reward, almost exhausting the listener...until the next track’s momentous skyward course replenishes vigor with harmonic ease.

On this release, you will encounter a track that is a preliminary version of material that later evolved into Broekhuis"The Escher Drawings" CD.

2005. Matt Howarth / soniccuriosity Hydrythmix: Project TWO Point ONE" is a heavy-handed sequencer set from Ron Boots and Bas Broekhuis. Ron and Bas have demonstrated their improvisational skills before on other studio and concert collaborations. They are able to improvise within a loose structure. To quote Kees Aerts, in the liner notes, " … two musicians … became one … Project TWO Point ONE." This CD has loads of sequenced atmospheres and orchestral crescendos. They merge perfectly to create a unique soundscape that is both majestic and massive. It is evident that Ron and Bas had fun making this album. Ron has always been willing that fun with his listeners. That is a nice trait. This is a great CD!

2001. Jim Brenholts