1. Hour of the Wolf [15:52] MP3 soundclip of The hour of the wolf [3:00]
  2. A Walk in the Rain [13:31]
  3. Boellistian [12:08]
  4. Storms Over IO [12:25]
  5. Harbours [2:27]
  6. Radar [8:24] MP3 soundclip of Radar [3:00]
  7. We are Off [5:44] MP3 soundclip of We are off [3:00]
All tarcks played by Ron Boots except where noted
All tracks composed by Ron Boots except track 3 by RB & Paul Ellis and track 6 by RB & Martijn Ruissen

Gert Emmens - solo's on the track "The Hour of the Wolf"
Track 2 played by RB/Harold vd Heijden/Henri Peeters
Track 3 played RB/Paul Ellis
Track 4 played RB/Harold vd Heijden
Track 6 played by RB/Martijn Ruissen/Harold vd Heijden/Henri Peeters/Frank van Bogaert

Ron Boots is a great fan of reading: science fiction, fantasy, historical or suspense: he reads it all. Actually, Ron has just too little time to read everything he buys. Time he also puts into making his music.
His last album "Acoustic Shadows" was inspired by history. See "Beyond Times - Look Beyond Words" is a continuation of this album but now Ron looks more into his favorite writers like Zelasny, Wren, King and -most of all- Tolkien and Vance.
To help him with this, his friends Gert Emmens, Harold van der Heijden, Henri Peters (on guitar), Paul Ellis en Frank Van Bogaert gave a hand. Ron is a master is mixing a diversity of electronic music styles: from Berliner Schule, melodically compositions, ambient atmospheres and rhythmically, danceable tracks. Ron doesn’t pin point on one particularly direction and that is one of his biggest talents.
Pieces like "Hour Of The Wolf", opening with a Klaus Schulze-lile sequence and with a solo by Gert Emmens and the excellent "Boesllistian" (a collaboration with Paul Ellis) are nearly typically retro while "We Are Off" is very lively, a mix between dance and rock. "Radar" is a special piece. It was originally a piece for a dance written by Martijn Rijssen. Ron liked it so much, that he decided to re-work it and give it his "Ron Boots-sauce". Henri Peters plays a fine guitar solo.
This all leads to an album that is very varying and that counts amongst the finest albums the best electronic musician from The Netherlands has made until now.

Press Information A part la parenthčse pas trčs réussie de la compilation Analogy vol.3, Ron BOOTS reste un des ténors de l’e-music actuelle. Son album précédent, Acoustic Shadows, est un album d’île déserte. Raison de plus de pręter une oreille attentive ŕ la derničre production du synthétiste batave.

Le début de Hour of the Wolf est trčs inspiré par Moondawn (Klaus Schulze) mais le morceau embraye rapidement sur une séquence rapide que n’aurait pas reniée son compatriote Gert Emmens. Le solo est d’ailleurs de ce dernier. Vient ensuite A Walk in the Rain oů un piano vangélique oů embraye sur une rythmique pure Berlin School. Puis nous avons droit ŕ une collaboration avec Paul Ellis. Il en résulte un savant mélange entre les séquences schulziennes et les plans ambient. Storms over IO est du męme cru.
Une petite parenthčse Harbours pour reprendre son souffle, et c’est reparti avec le presque dansant Radar avec son piano léger sur rythmique mid-tempo et son méchant solo de guitare final.

Malgré les collaborations multiples de cet album, les chansons restent d’une unité remarquable. C’est ça, la patte Ron Boots. Un autre indispensable du trimestre.

LouLou / Prog-résiste Ron Boots lo ha vuelto a hacer y es que el sintentista holandés y fundador del sello Groove Unlimited regresa pleno de facultades.
"See Beyond Times - Look Beyond Worlds" es su nuevo trabajo, un disco donde colaboran sus amigos Harold van de Heijden, Henri Peeters, Frank Van Bogaert, Martijn Ruissen, Gert Emmens, Paul Ellis y Kees Aerts.

Ron Boots, como muchos otros músicos y aficionados a la música electrónica, le encanta las historias de fantasía, suspense y ciencia ficción y este trabajo está inspirado precisamente en esos libros y en esas historias narradas por escritores como Roger Zelazny, Stephen King, Jack Vance o el gran J. R. R. Tolkien.
Musicalmente hablando, en este trabajo nos encontramos con el Ron Boots que nos gusta, paisajes electrónicos llenos de sonido, llenos de emoción que se mueven por la Berlin School a la perfección pero con esa imprenta que ha marcado el estilo de la escuela holandesa. Siete temas son los que forman este trabajo, temas inspirados en diversas facetas de lo comentado anteriormente y que nos trasladan a esos mundos imaginarios como si estuvieramos disfrutando de una obra de Ciencia Ficción.

Una recomendación, escoger un buen libro de fantasía o ciencia ficción en vuestra biblioteca, poner el disco de Ron Boots en el lector de cd's, sentarse en la butaca favorita, pulsar el play y a disfrutar dejando volar la imaginación con esos mundos imaginarios...

Roberto Vales / Ultima Frontera "Hour of the Wolf" begins in a mysterious way, with a moody sequencer line and sustained pads. A bass pulse starts, serving as the backbone for the piece. Strong choirs appear, giving the music the kind of symphonic grandeur and richness often associated with Classical music and film scores. Some key changes follow, before everything erupts into a rhythmic miasma of sequences, rhythms and various atmospheric synth sounds. Gert Emmens delivers great analogue solo in his typical style. This is genuine EM and so powerful it is, too. Melodic and rich, sequential and dramatic, so many adjectives can be applied to this wonderful piece of music.
The sounds of rain herald the coming of the next piece, fittingly titled "A Walk In the Rain". Beautiful piano notes give way for a sequence and some acoustic guitar strumming by Henri Peeters. New sequences appear, as Harold van der Heijden adds a complex drum rhythm. A liquid solo takes the place of the guitar, as we are gradually gaining altitude with this toe-tapper of a piece. I think it certainly has cross-genre appeal and will be enjoyed by fans of both Electronic Music and Progressive Rock with which it shares a typical interplay between synth and wailing guitar.
"Boellistian" was recorded with Paul Ellis and as such, it differs from Ron’s usual style by having some of that "sequencer web" type of sound that Paul is famous for. If past-paced pulsations and mournful synth solos are your thing, I am sure you’ll find much to enjoy in this track.
"Storms over Io" begins with dark pads and some effects. Soon, a punchy bass sequence appears out of nowhere, as do the Mellotron choirs. A drum rhythm starts, as the sequences pulsate at quite a pace. The drums gain in tempo as an aggressive solo starts. A key change follows, which brings even more aggression and urgency into this rhythmic EM track. A section dominated by Mellotron choir follows with sequences returning after a minute or so with an extra melodic component. Ron then plays the fastest solo I’ve heard from him. Pity it’s too short, though. Towards the end the track becomes so intense, it does, indeed, sound like storm.
"Harbours" is a short interlude, consisting of very deep pads and various atmospheric sounds, all superbly done.
Next is "Radar" which is a collaboration with fellow musicians Martijn Ruissen (bass), Harold van der Heijden (drums), Henri Peeters (guitar) and Mr. Frank Van Bogaert. Warning: spoilers ahead! In no way you can be prepared to what actually awaits you. It’s actually quite rhythmic Jazz Rock with Prog moves. Excellent stuff! The piano playing is very good as are synth keyboards, guitars and drums. The EM elements get more noticeable towards the end, but the track does retain its Rock flavour throughout.
"We Are Off" is trancey and danceable, with a steady beat and some tasty sequences to boot (no pun intended). Smooth guitar lines and New Berlin School pulsations are combined in a unique way to make for an enjoyable and exhilarating listening.

"See Beyond Times, Look Beyond Words" features great compositions from Boots, peppered with other great talents of the EM world. Get this magnificent album from Groove.

2008. Artemi Pugachov / Russia Ron Boots' latest solo offering is really a group effort, with several musician friends lending a hand, from Gert Emmens synth solos to the drumming of Harold van der Heijden and more. The extra elements from this ensemble cast add an extra dash of variety, with Ron providing the strong underlying atmosphere and sequencing throughout.

"Hour of the Wolf" starts in dreamy mode, and for a time it seems like this will be a softer side of Boots, but Emmens' solo comes in strong at the 6:15 mark, giving an extra punch to the proceedings.
"A Walk in the Rain" has softly strummed guitars and playful synths dancing around a soft summer rain. It builds just so, again with Emmens doing the solos if I'm not mistaken. Synths play like electric guitars halfway through and continue to the end. As usual, Boots takes a more structured approach to his EM than some, with melody and rhythm as important elements.
"Boellistian" has a cool bubbly little bit to start out and settles into a cool sequencer groove for the duration.
The disc really hits its stride at this point with "Storms Over IO," again very good in the way it develops over its 12-minute course.
A brief ambient bridge in the form of "Harbours" is contrasted with "Radar," a bouncy piano-based piece with a laid back feel.
"We Are Off" is a surprisingly upbeat number that seems more like an opening track, but it serves just as well as a cool finish to the album.

2008. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space Po dvou letech se hlásí o slovo i druhá nejd le it jší postava Groove Unlimited a lídr t etí vlny muzikant ovlivn ných Berlínské elektronické školy 70. let – Ron Boots. P edchozí velmi kompaktní a v rámci ánru i minimalisticky zn jící tribut bezejmenným ob tem vále ných bitev nap í stoletími byl opravdovým mastrštykem. A tak se z pochopitelných d vod ekalo, s ím se mistr vytasí protentokrát.

U soupis hostí napov d l, e po skromn jším chodu p ijdou s novinkou See Beyond Times Look Beyond Words retro lukulské hody. Hned úvodní, v sou tu tém p lhodinová dvojice skladeb, je opravdu masitým pokrmem. ivé bicí, sólující kytary, hned n kolik extra pozvaných sólujících klávesák (mezi nimi nesmí chyb t Gert Emmens) a pseudosmíšený p vecký sbor jako vrchol tohoto kolosálního podniku. A takto pokra ujeme i ve zbývající stopá i alba. Vše samoz ejm výborn zaran ované a zprodukované, ale... N kam se v té symfoni nosti pod l progresivní duch, který tak zazá il na minulé desce. Snad jen rockov elektronický hybrid Radar v p ti lenném kapelovém obsazení opravdu p ekvapí. Ostatní je jede na jistotu, s kartami je Ron u jednou vylo il.

Ne, e by deska nem la elektrizující pasá e, ale troufám si íct, e p i menší porci pompy bychom se mohli do kat ješt lepších výsledk . Stále ovšem jasná ánrová jistota.
70 %

Pavel Zelinka Ron Boots has a lot of albums to his credit dating back around 20 years, so he's a well known figure in the EM genre. His latest offering See Beyond Times Look Beyond Words is inspired by his love for books of all kinds. This is really a collaborative album, with guest musicians such as Paul Ellis, Gert Emmens, and Frank Van Bogaert to name the most familiar.

A great start to the album is made in "Hour of the Wolf". A repeating pattern creates a feeling of suspense while angelic chorales, glittering and gaseous synths, and pads swirl and wash around. Then it's on with a melodic sequence line and lots of symphonic melodies and ray gun effects shooting across the soundscape. Most of the album has the same vitality so that it's a bit like listening to symphonic Vangelis on speed. Adding an extra dimension and a raw edge is Henri Peeter's guitar on "A Walk in the Rain" which plays blisteringly over rhythms and drum programming that struggle to keep up. If anything gets you reaching to ramp the volume up this track will be it.
Providing a short interlude from all the excitement is "Harbours". Soothing waves lap against a shore alongside pensive drones, then a looped alarm kind of sound and disguised animalistic effects break in.

Only having heard a couple of Ron's other albums I can't say how this fits in with his existing work. I can say that See Beyond Times Look Beyond Words is an exciting work that is one of the best of its kind to come out of the Groove label recently. It's a great mix of fast paced EM with a symphonic subtext and even verges on dance and jazz in places.
Highly recommended.

Dene Bebbington / Melliflua Obscure loops minimalisms are stumbling pitch in the misty corridors of a dreamlike hypnosis.
Immerged cosmic waves, these circles become more aerated rambling under a single pulsation which wanders among consistent synth layers borrowing the perfume of a soft vocal breeze.

Hour off the Wolf wakes up on a heavy rhythm which undulates among synth glares truffles of heavy resonances. Gert Emmens inspired and tortuous solos rolled up around a louder structure, Hour off the Wolf is a fabulous preamble to an artist which exploits EM as harmonious as progressive, per moments daring. Amateur of science fiction and prolific composer, Ron Boots is also founder of the Groove label. For this reason it is implied thoroughly in the productions of its label by producing the majority of the albums there, with the same heat and same passion as its original works. See Beyond Times And Look Beyond Words is its 38th creation. A quality opus with a lot of musical research, as we discovers several at Groove, with artists and friends of Ron Boots which came to show their skill over a dynamic music which explores as much Berlin School retro as the new one.
After an intro as much ethereal than multicoloured, Walk in the Rain hiccoughs on acoustic guitar riffs trying to bite a fleeing tempo. Rhythm progression is soft but constant. Without really know it we are immersed by solos of a very corrosive guitar and a synth with acuity quite as strong on matching percussions. Boellistian is a pure Berlin School retro ballad that starts with a spacey mood on short echotic waves and heavy drones. A good minimalist track that progresses on a synth to floating solos and a gently jerking bass structure.
Storms over Io passes from calm galactic to electronic frenzy by an intro tinted of a Schulze cosmic greyness. A nervous base line activates the beat which is wander under a mellotron choir, surrounded by fluttering cymbals. The tempo hems in cascade multiplying its speed with aggressive percussions and a daring keyboard which propels innumerable solos.
A short cosmic fairytale Harbours is also a short introduction to the sublime Radar and its sober intro which hesitates over a piano with minimalists keys which are rolled up around a fairy-like ballerina. A beautiful title. A kind of bolero to staccato passages slowed down by arpeggios of a grievous violoncello and which explodes of powerful solos. Not a second lost. An excellent title which eats the ear and which is not without pointing out the good moments of Richard Pinhas and Georges Grumblatt. I say it to you; it is the kind of title which will charm for weeks.
We are Off concludes with a lighter approach. Beautiful synth pop with futuristic arrangements and a catchy melody by a sequenced keyboard in legato chords and good guitar solos.

Ron Boots See Beyond Times And Look Beyond Words is a superb album of diversified EM. Great old Berlin School mixed with new one on musical structures made to exploits the skill of his synth friends. Another great work.

2008. Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness From what I've heard of "We are off" it has such a big potential to become a "dance" track.
Ask DJ Thijs for a remix and add it to the upcoming cd, it will be a hit.

2008. Seppe / Belgium Excellent album this one by Ron Boots.

The seven compositions in it included have a great strength and an emotional beauty. The style, bold and avantgarde as it is, is situated on the border between Space Music and Synth-Pop. A general trait of the album is the fact that the music happens to be very intense, vital, as if reflecting strong emotions. The melody is ever present in all the pieces. The rhythmic structure of the music tends to be based on the sequencers. In many passages, the rhythm assumes the role of melody, given its complexity.

Accompanying Boots, the following musicians participated: Gert Emmens, Paul Ellis, Harold van der Heijden, Henry Peeters, Frank van Bogaert and Martijn Ruissen.
All tracks were composed by Ron Boots, except Boellistian by Paul Ellis and Boots, and Radar by Martijn Ruissen and Boots.

Edgar Kogler This CD from 2008 offers 70 minutes of dramatic electronic music.
Assisting synthesist Boots are several electronic guests: Gert Emmens, Harold van der Heijden, Henri Peeters, Paul Ellis, Martijn Ruissen, and Frank van Bogaert.
This music represents a taste of Boots' homage to some of his favorite authors (Jack Vance, Roger Zelazny, Stephen King, M.K. Wren, J.R.R. Tolkien) and as such the tunes feature a high level of drama--and quite delightful drama it is too.

The character of this music is often grandiose, stately and heroic. The electronics achieve a demonstrative posture, gripping and bewitching, and this level is then embellished with further glory. Keyboards establish compelling riffs amid luminous pastiches of atmospheric textures, riffs that surge and erupt with vigor, riffs that evolve and transform into magnificent complexity. A sense of urgency is frequently dominant in these compositions, delivering a flair rich with tension and expectancy.
Boots' electronics exhibit a certain bouncy character that can be quite addictive, especially when buoyed by his dreamy tonalities. While some looping is utilized, the riffs have a tendency to expand as auxiliary chords accrete, escalating the melodies in wondrous fashion.
Percussion is present in some of the songs, and these animated rhythms add to the music's overall majesty. The tempos become compulsive and masterful, providing lustrous locomotion.
Guitar appears in a few tracks, with strummed strings contributing a romantic air and astral pyrotechnics scorching lasting impressions across the listeners; cerebellum.

A thoroughly dazzling album.

2009. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity