1. Ghost of a Mist (the sleepwalker) [15:11]
  2. In Timeroom Spirits [9:28]
  3. Ghost of a Mist (ring mist mountain) [15:30]
  4. On the Field [5:27]
  5. Desert Clouds [18:44]
On his 2nd CD Ron worked together with Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock, founder of the German band Mind over Matter.
The overall atmosphere is dreamy but the dynamic album closing Desert Clouds really puts you back on your feet! Play this album if you're feeling stressed and within a few minutes the mood of the music will take you away to dreamy, tranquil atmospheres. This, in my view highly underrated album, deserves a place in the top 10 of soothing, atmospheric, dreamy albums.
And yet there's nothing new-agey to it. Not counting the last 'power' track with Klaus Hoffmann-Hoock, all tracks have quite some sequences and rhythms but the it all fits within the moods that Ron sets.
It's 'picture music'... Close your eyes and float away in the mist on the moors...

2002. Kees Aerts Really a brilliant album which you can listen over and over again. Tiltle song has unexpected effect on me. It's Ron at his very best again.

2002. Martin / Netherlands