1. Screaming Whispers [12:00]
  2. In Total Silence [11:32] MP3 soundclip of In total silence [3:00]
  3. Floating Thoughts [6:12]
  4. Gibberish [8:46] MP3 soundclip of Gibberish [3:00]
  5. The Return of Believe [11:27] MP3 soundclip of The return of believe [3:00]
  6. Morphing M.O.R.E. [13:19]
  7. Gibberish (party mix) [7:28]
This album presents a new style in Ron's music; a little less accessible this time but still his typical soundscapes and outstanding sequencers capture this great feeling that made his music stand out years ago. Ron Boots albums are starting to become very difficult to review. I always approach his albums hoping to try a new angle from the usual "...I like Ron Boots because he lets the sequences do the work... sublime melodies etc etc" sort of thing I've said about his past releases. It seems though I'll have to wait, because yet again he has come up with a superb album bristling with lively sequences and hypnotic rhythms.

The 12 minute title track which opens the album is a perfect example of the way his sequencer technique is developing. It's a stunning concoction of rhythmic pulsations strung together with the expertise of a master craftsman. Melodic breeze in and out of the structure like a thin water color wash. 'In Total Silence' opens with twanging synth followed closely by a beautifully laid back sequence which builds slowly, while 'Floating Thoughts' adds powerful yet measured drum lines to the mix to complement syncopating synth leads. The unpromisingly titled 'Gibberish' is a complex melange of sound and rhythm which develops into a corking ambient stomp (emphasized on the 'Party Mix' version which rounds the album off) and a couple of other tracks explore the more atmospheric/spacey end of the spectrum.

On this form Ron Boots seems to be going from strength to strength. Thinking man's EM.

GG Boots is no stranger to that school, having cut his teeth in that mode during the 1980's. He has been one of Europe's most influential and talented electronicians for almost fourteen years. He is also one of the busiest and most prolific, having released eleven solo or collaborative CD's in the last six years along with numerous re-issues and re-releases. He has also been heavily involved in Groove's "Truth" series and has contributed to a number of major American compilations. AND he performs numerous concerts in Europe. On top of all that, he runs the Groove Unlimited label with his friend and collaborator, Kees Aerts.

This CD focuses on Ron's reputation as a major talent. He has been slowly carving out a niche as one of Europe's strongest proponent's of "sequenced minimalism." (The quotes and term are mine.) These adjectives seem to be diametrical if not downright mutually exclusive. Ron makes the concept work by softening his sequences and surrounding them with the gentle and playful minimalism for which he has gained some renown. While Alio Die and Vidna Obmana are still Europe's leading minimalists, Ron is certainly among the top European proponents of pastoral ambience!

This album is an essential example of optimistic minimalism from across the Atlantic!

Jim Brenholts Screaming Whispers is a melodic creation from Ron Boots at Groove Unlimited.
Boots builds his soundscapes with heavy sequences and dense atmospheres. He is an expert at combining Berlin school sequences and deep minimalism.
The unique soundscapes are warm and comfortable. Boots has many unique characteristics in his soundworlds. The most important quality is the outright congeniality. These compositions invite listeners into Boots' soundscape to hang out and do whatever. He's just having fun and wants to share his joy with his listeners.
Screaming Whispers takes that to the next level. Boots injects his massive soundscapes with virtuoso musicianship, ethnic influences, humor, and fun. He greets each listener personally and warmly.
This CD will appeal to fans of Ian Boddy, Dweller at the Threshold, and Radio Massacre International.

Jim Brenholts / All Music Guide De cd 'Screaming whispers' is echt een super-cd. Echt heel goede muziek, ik kan er helemaal in wegraken, en hij klinkt ook nog eens geweldig! Ik heb een high-end audio systeem met single-ended buizenversterkers, en ik vind het holografische 3-D geluidsbeeld indrukwekkend. Werkelijk fenomenale dynamiek, veel details, en een super mooi toonbereik van het hoogste hoog tot het sub-laag. Mooie stereo spreiding en diepte van het geluidsbeeld, terwijl het ook heel direct en upfront kan klinken. Ben heel blij met de cd!

2006. Ed Riedijk Ron Boots, over the last decade as established himself as one of the leading European synthesists, and this is without a doubt one of his finest albums to date. With this new release Boots' revives the stylish opulence, nostalgic grandeur, and poetic refinement of sequencer based electronic music of the seventies and early eighties. Rhythm activated, and spatially charged, its a seductively original work of art. Richly textured with imaginative sounds and samples and dynamics from crunchingly intense to ethereal images of early Tangerine Dream, Boots tears down the style barriers with this eclectic masterpiece.The title cut as well as the other six compositions fuse elements of rock, techno, electronic, experimental, and ethno-ambient in an engaging blend.

Everything about this album is fascinating, and it would be pointless to fully review all seven tracks in depth. If you're into experiencing ground breaking new synth music, look no further. Highly recommended.

Alternate Music Press / USA I got your disc SCREAMING WHISPERS yesterday. WOW!!!!! cuts 1-4-6 & 7 are FANTASTIC!!!!!! I haven't heard anything soooo compelling since Richard Bone's JHANA and Ray Lynch's THE O OF PLEASURE.
I'm sold on your site and will visit it often. Take care and let's stay in touch.

2003. Rick Crooks / USA