1. Current part 1 [16:10]
  2. Ambiguity [9:21]
  3. Below Paradise (Current part 2) [9:20]
  4. Close Call [11:21]
  5. Alignment [8:59]
  6. Reciprocal [10:30]
  7. Smiles [5:00]
This album was created between October '96 and July '97.
All songs composed by Ron Boots except Close Call; drums by Harold van der Heijden .
Vocals on Close Call by Ron Boots "Current," by Ron Boots is a dense ambient soundscape of epic proportions. Ron synthesizes the entire album. On "Ambiguity," a tribal rhythmic pulse drives the synth riffs and washes. The tribal rhythms are created on the drum machine. There are no ethnic instruments credited. That is a great juxtaposition - or joke - from Ron. He drives his electronica with a simple Native American rhythm. Touche, Ron. The rest of the album is peppered with natural and electronic ambience. This is a highlight of Ron's long and illustrious career.

1999. Jim Brenholts With this CD we head again for an intruiging trip into sound. Vast soundscapes blend perfectly with exiting sequencerlines and soundeffects, this time digging deeper in the style set by hir former album "Screaming Whispers".

1997. Bert Strolenberg It's interesting to look back at my review of Ron's last album, "Screaming Whispers" and see that what I say about that could equally be said about this new album!

Although there is a change of focus here, this is still synth music with a spacious, melodic and classical touch, the change being a move to more gothic sounding realms instead of cosmic space, and more use of unusual textures and effects. with much more use of spacial fx and a wider range of sonic textures it all amounts to another step up the ladder for Ron, and is certainly his finest recording to date. Highly recommended.

Alternate Music Press Meesterwerk van Ron. Heerlijke nummers zoals "Close Call" met een repeterende sound die je blijft pakken.
Uitspatter is "Smiles" wat ik werkelijk een geniaal nummer vindt, super!!

2004. Martin Hoegee / NL I stumbled over Ron and his "Current" completely by accident and it resonated instantly with my imagination. All the CD is OK, but Current part 1/2 is an exceptional soundscape. Listening is a journey, I can't get my ears off.

2005. Dominique / Switzerland