1. Detachment [13:18]
  2. Among the Stars [7:58] MP3 soundclip of Among the stars [3:00]
  3. Smiles [5:04] MP3 soundclip of Smiles [3:00]
  4. Breath [9:50]
  5. Below Paradise [9:38] MP3 soundclip of Below Paradise [3:01]
  6. Flyby [10:30]
  7. Gibberish [8:57]
This CD-R contains music from the concert that Ron Boots, Harold van der Heijden and Kees Aerts gave in Sweden on the island Valö, on June 1 1998.
Individually numbered. No overdubs, no sound adding.

It offers eight very catchy tracks like Detachment, Smile, Breath and Below Paradise. Also featured are Among the Stars (from the well known Hypnos sampler "The Other World"), and the swinging album closer Gibberish.
This is your hit when you're a big fan of the music Ron Boots & friends.

This CD-R was made as a 'one-off souvenir' for the fans who attended the concert.
Afterwards many people also wanted a copy so we made it available for them too. If we would have known that it would have been such a success then we would have released it as a proper CD.

2003. Ron Boots First of all it was a lot of travelling. 6 hours to the boat, a wait of 3 hours, then 14 hours on the boat, a 5 hour busdrive with some stops and when we got there it was still raining :-(
Anyway, it wasn't the tropical island we all see at brochures but at least it had a roof. At that time it was around 5 o'clock in the afternoon and Eroc had already set up their gear in the back as they were the last to perform.
We set up our gear and then it was time for Eric Wollo to play. I haven't heard much of him performance because we were having something to eat and drink. When I came back he was doing his encore on guitar (sounded very good). It was totally improvised as he didn't bring enough material and the audience did wanted an encore.

Then it was our turn (Ron Boots, Harold van der Heijden and me).
After a short soundcheck, can't remember if it was 4 or 5 minutes :-(, we started. Well basically all went well, no technical problems and from what I heard back on the video it all sounded pretty good. Especially if you realize that we hadn't had time to practiced together. Everybody had just practized with the backing tape on his own.

After that it was John Dyson, Shaun D'Lear and Dymian Rider.
And boy, it was great to hear John playing all my favorites. I.F.O., Time Node and many more. John had some trouble with his monitors but we managed to solve that during his performance.

As an extra we had planned to play "the Fugitive" from "Truth or Dare". So when John had done "Time Node" Ron, Harold and I also entered the stage. Well this was great fun. There was just one little problem, as the floor was made of wood and everybody on the stage was jumping up and down, somewhere in the song the minidisc started skipping pieces of music. But that didn't bring down the spirit. When we stamped our feet on other places it went much better ;-))
Anyway, after that the audience and we were pretty warmed up.

The last band that performed was Eroc. A three piece band which I had never heard but which I personally enjoyed a lot. I didn't hear everything because we went for a drink afterwards.

Well that was it. Read my intro backwards (add some extra booze on the ship) and we were home again.
We made some nice contacts and did meet some Swedish customers from the Internet so all in all we had a great time.

1998 Kees Aerts