Wish you a happy new year.
Thank you for all your efforts, especially for the wonderful Dreamscape Shows.

Lothar Westen
(Jan 2011)
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all. Keep up the excellent work :-) Thanks for doing a great service!

(Dec 2009)

ARYE (Israel)
(June 2010)
Groove Unlimited is not only the Best EM database on the web, It's also the friendliest.
Kees and Ron both live up to their word by not favoring anyone, All are treated equal, If Groove makes a mistake with your order they fix it in such a nice way.
The shipping and packaging is too good, Grooves shipping department does it perfect. If your email is not answered right away please keep in mind that Kees and Ron are Musicians and could be away at a concert or performing.

The Cosmic Frequencies ©
(July 2010)
dear sir
thank you for KLAUS SCHULZE VOL:8.

ARYE (Israel)
(September 2010)
I'd like to thank Master Boots for touching my life most days, given my Groove etc CDs and playing Dreamscape radio sessions in my car. I'm an old guy and lunar scientist and it wasn't till EM matured that I truly loved music and Groove is the center of gravity for such. I get some from Hypnos but so much is not available in the U.S. Plus there's nothing like cruising music on your website with the long cuts. So 1000 thanks for being there and great job!

Doug Stoeser (USA)
(June 2009)
Always enjoy dealing with your company. Excellent customer service.

Carolyn Boyles (USA)
(August 2009)
Great. Thanks Ron. I know I will be buying more.
I really appreciate your passion for music.
Your weekly newsletters helps me with artists I have never heard of and wish to collect.
Thanks again and will be in touch again soon.
With appreciation,

Salakesh (Australia)
(November 2009)
Vammorgen lag de CD in de bus.
Het is voor het eerst sinds de elpee-uitvoering uit 1977, dat ik Concierto de Aranjuez op CD heb kunnen beluisteren.
De betaling is inmiddels gedaan.
Nogmaals hartelijk dank.

Cor van der Vliet (NL)
(November 2009)
My order has arrived, as always, in perfect condition!
Many thanks for your yet again superb service.
Kind regards,

Karl (UK) (Jan 2009)
The parcel has arrived this morning, no problem with the post. The 2 discs are in a good state. I'm going to listen to them this evening. I had bought the first edition of Moonwind in 1987 but unfortunately my copy was destroyed by an unknown reason. I'm pleased to have remplaced it because of Groove, thank you.

Yann (France) (Feb 2009)
Received this order today. Nice packaging. Thank you for excellent service, as usual.
Once again, you astound me with the quality music offerings. Know too, I'm a Ron Boots fan as well.
Simply put, Groove is the best & usually my first stop in looking for EM!
Kind Regards,

Samuel (U.S.A.) (March 2009)
Wilde zeggen dat ik elke keer weer geniet van dreamscape Radio, een uur lang , soms de beste tracks uitgezocht door jou.
Ik luister elke keer wanneer ie is uitgekomen, ga zo door.
Trouwens elke E-day of E-live is ook een goed georganiseerde dag hoor.

Ralph Camu - Utrecht, NL (May 2009)
Ik heb onderstaande cd, gisteren onbeschadigd en goed verpakt ontvangen. Jullie waren echt de enige die deze nog hadden,
uw site staat in mijn favorieten en zeker aan te bevelen. Vriendelijke groeten en tot een volgende bestelling.

Marc De Metsenaere, Belgium
(Jan 2008)
Many thanks again for Groove's continued excellent service, always a pleasure to deal with you! There'll be some more orders from me in April as there's some great music being released and I've a fairly long shopping list as a result.
ok looking forward to it and have fun listening
Kind regards,

Steve Streeter, UK (March 2008)
Het pakketje is vandaag bezorgd; bedankt voor de supersnelle service, alles is tiptop in orde! Ik maak het bedrag vandaag (of uiterlijk morgen) over! Thanks
Groetjes, Arnold

PS. En nog een citaatje voor Groove.nl (bij tevreden klantreacties): Shoppen is bij Groove.nl is een verslaving - die gelukkig niet schadelijk is voor de gezondheid... Uitstekende service, immens aanbod en supersnelle levering. Super!

Arnold le Febre, NL (August 2008)
So happy that your company exists. Just can't get good electronic music in the States.

Carolyn Boyles, USA (December 2008)
I'm used to buying synth music CDs mostly from Synth Music Direct and sometimes from Eurock, but I thought I should try Groove Unlimited at least once, since some of my favorite CDs come from there.
I'm willing to bet, though, that you'll find me a happy, repeat customer in the future.
You definitely have CDs that neither of the other two places have.

Philip Clayberg, USA
(Aug 2007)
Ik heb de cd's ontvangen en ze zijn verschrikkelijk goed, ik had net een nieuwe Yamaha Audio Installatie gekocht met super DVD en het klinkt erg strak, of de buren blij zijn weet ik niet ik ben blij met jullie assortiment je kunt hier niets krijgen in Den Haag, een aantal vrienden heb ik jullie webiste laten zien en die gaan binnenkort ook bestellen,

Best regards,

Marco Smit, NL (Sept 2007)
I personnally get all the good stuff from Groove Unlimited (www.groove.nl). The neat thing is that you can be put on their weekly newsletter "Groove E-news", which is nice as you will immediately see what is new, read reviews and stuff.
Occasionally, you may even see some out of print rare items make a showing on their list as used items or some lucky find form a warehouse or something like that, but you have to be quick on the order button when that happens, and there are a lot of eager fans out there...

vincent goudreault, Canada (Nov 2007)
Ik wil jullie graag bedanken voor de fantastische muziek die ik de laatste tijd krijg. Slices of Time is ook een geweldige cd!!

Ik kom zeker snel bij jullie terug voor nog meer juweeltjes!!

Benny Ras, NL (Nov 2007)
Dear Ron, Thanks very much for the info about all the shippings. I am very pleased of the service that you have and most of all of the care that you all have at Groove with your clients.
I never had any kind of problem with you and your replies are good and almost at once that is why i wanted to thank you personally and I shall for sure buy somrthing in future.
Cheers from your customer and friend

Marco Franchin- Padova- Italy (May 2006)
I have been very deliquent in sending you guys my thanks. I can tell you how much I appreciate receiveing 2 autographed CD's of Trip Into the Body!

I'm amazed that I was lucky enough to find the music on CD and was mentally adjusting to the fact that an vinyl album I purchased 20 years ago was going to be the best I could do. But never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I would be the owner of 2 autographed CD from Johan Timman! My best friend will be blown away when he opens his next birthday gift and sees it.

Again, thank you both very much and a truly appreciate the effort you went through to have Johan sign 2 of his CD's for me.

All my best,

Ken (July 2006)

P.S. My gratitude to you both for providing an outlet for this genre of music so others may appreciate and enjoy it as much as I do!
I just received my order and can't wait to start listening. I just wanted to extend my thanks for enabling me to purchase CD's that I couldn't get elsewhere.

Please be assured that I'll be visiting your site time and again for considering future purchases.

My best,

Philip Barsotti (usa) (June 2007)
Many thanks for your excellent service and also the quick responses to my recent emails.
STEVE (Oct 2005)
Just got my order,from you.
All's fine ! No damage. Items count good.
Thanks for offering items sent.
Will keep, you in mind, for other selections.
some items are really hard to obtain, as imports.
tedd (usa) (Jan 2006)
Groove Unlimited is voor mij onmisbaar geworden,de keuze is enorm,Volt - Ron Boots - Pyramid Peak - enz....................een nieuwe wereld........... :-)

Nergens (winkels in Vlaanderen,Belgie) kan ik,cds bestellen van het Groove Unlimited Label. :-))

PSSSS : Groove Unlimited is the BEST , A NEW WORLD :-)))
John (Belgie) (Jan 2006)
die Post brauchte tatsächlich etwas länger für die Zustellung.
Es ist heute aber alles angekommen. Die Ware ist in gutem Zustand. Ein Lob auch noch mal für die verschiedenen Versandvarianten. Eine gute Idee um die Versandkosten zu reduzieren.
Euch kann man wirklich weiterempfehlen.

Bis zum nächsten mal...

Mit freundlichen Gruß
Karsten Rasch (Feb 2006)
May I say what a great website you have with attractive prices. Most other stores want an arm and a leg. I will try to spread the word around about your website. Looking forward to doing business in the future!
Scott Brooks (April 2005)
I am really looking forward to receiving my first magazine and CD's. I am an avid EM listener and credit Groove with connecting me to the amazing variety of talented artists worldwide. Before the internet it was next to impossible in the USA to know about artists other than the big guys -Tangerine Dream, Jarre, Vangelis. I doubt that I would have ever known about Redshift, Airsculpture, Pyramid Peak, Dom Scab, Ron Boots, etc.
I have really appreciated the availability and usefulness of the snippets of sound that are available on Groove. I have rarely purchased a CD that I did not thoroughly enjoy.
Keep up the great work.
Bill Robertson (April 2005)
I love reading your weekly Groove News in my email. You guys are the BEST!
Harry (June 2005)
I want you to know that I think it´s a great pleasure doing business with you! I´m very pleased with all the records I have bought from your company and also think that your service is 100 %. I can fully recommend your company to fellow collegues who also are very fond of electronic music.
Best wishes from a very pleased customer of yours!
Mats Norberg (August 2005)
Received this order today, 9/24/04. Thanks again for excellent service. Of course, it's all about this wonderful EM!
Groove is opening us up to some great EM artists. The cds are always expertly packaged/protected & that's appreciated.
Will return as always, Groove is fantastic. Thanks, Samuel (Sept 2004)
Thank you for Groove. Since I was a teenager in the seventies, one of my main interests have been EM - starting with Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and Pink Floyd. It has allways been difficult to find 'my music' in the local record shops. It is great then to have Groove to rely on. Not the least now in this time dominanted by commercial and consumeroriented products from most of the musicbiz. Keep on. All the best.
Johan Pettersen (Jan 2005)
Vandaag de CD van Johan Timman - Trip into the Body ontvangen. Klasse! Prachtige muziek, pure nostalgie.
Prima verzorgt qua verpakking etc. Ik zal mijn vrienden attenderen op jullie site/zaak.
Wilfred Smit (Feb 2005)
Thank you for the E-news newsletter, Its like a breath of fresh air. Thoughts from persons who love electronic music.
Steve Farley (USA) May 2004
Vanavond doe ik mijn eerste CD bestelling. Wow, wat een goede site hebben jullie. Had ik eerder moeten weten !!!!
Wim Vink (NL) July 2004
Thanks so much for the reply. I love your web site. I can find music on Groove that can't be found anywhere else. Keep up the great work.
(Rod) Sept 2004
Eure Internetseite GROOVE.NL ist TOTAL SUPER, A++++++++!!!! Mit Covers und Soundbeispielen so richtig klasse. Momentan ist GROOVE.NL die beste Web-Site unserer Elektronischen Musik. WEITER SO!!
Marcus (DE) Sept 2004
I purchased the entire Wavestar catalog from Groove several years ago and I love those cd's. Two weeks ago I ordered the five John Dyson solo efforts, which arrived at my door earlier today. I am thrilled! So far I listened to 'Evolution' and I am mid-way through 'Silverbird' and I must say that this stuff is phenomenal. Many thanks to you and your colleagues at Groove for making my day in a big way!! God Bless your commitment to Electronic music.
Ray Reis (USA) Feb 2004
Thanks Ron & Kees, I received my order today & just wanted to pass along thanks to you guys. As soon as I can I'll be ordering 2 more.........(you guys really have the best selections; as I've surfed around to other sites & I think you have the best stuff out there). Thanks again from a satisfied customer.
Grant Thomas (USA) Feb 2004
Thanks for double checking... your friendly attention to stuff like this is why I enjoy being a Groove customer.
John Coulter (USA) March 2004
What a privilege to have an email from you.........cd's on their way and arrive they did.
Enjoy?........all I can simply say if I had a fortune you guys would have a part of it.
This our second dealing, be assured there will be more.
Thanks Nick Clarke :-))
March 2004
I've received the wonderful CD and I say really thanks to you and all groove's team... music is fabulous and as soon as possible I'll order you others CD ... as soon as I can reach the money!
Alessandra (Italy) Dec 2003
I just found your brilliant website that contains music by many artists that I have been seeking to buy. You have a superb web design and musical choice samplers so enabling one to decide what to buy.
Jim (UK) Dec 2003
Awesome site!!! I'm sure you'll get more of my business. :)
Lee (USA) Dec 2003
Groove Rocks! :)
Numina (USA) Jan 2004
I recieved the CD's of Vangelis. Everything is top class. Thank you ever so much!..
Yuri (Israel) Nov 2003
Thanks very much for your excellent customer service.
Daniel (UK) Nov 2003
Ik heb de CDs ontvangen. Ik kon het niet geloven, Kayak op CD. Dit is fantastisch.
Ubaldo (BE) Nov 2003
Just a quick plug for the latest albums by Navigator and Gert Emmens - both wonderfull....as was the customer service from Groove! Things went a bit wonky with the delivery but Ron was quick to help and I rate their service 100%!!
Daniel (UK) Nov 2003
I just bought TD-Bootleg Box from Groove -- they've always been a good provider, especially when the dollar was more competitive, but I hadn't bought from them in a while. I try to support the e-music vendors whenever possible.
Jim (US) July 2003
Keep up the great work - your catalog has by far the best selection of electronic artists I've ever found!
Joan (US) Sept 2003
Yesterday, I've received my first part of my latest order, including the Tangerine Dream Bootleg Vol. 1 set. Everything arrive in perfect shape.
Dan (CA) Sept 2003
Just wanna thank you guys at groove for the good and quick service...
David (USA) Sept 2003
I've received 2 CDs ordered in Groove. Fast delivery, CDs in perfect conditions, beautiful music, so I'm very happy doing business with you. Thank you very,very much.
Robert (Poland) June 2003
Got your package today. It arrived in great shape. Thanks a lot!
Marc (USA) June 2003
Thank you *so* much! I'd heard great things about your company, now I see why people rave about you.
Jerry (Aus) June 2003
The guys at Groove are always pleasant to deal with, and you can sign up for a free weekly e-news letter which is a mine of information on TD and other EM artists. I don't bother shopping around for cheaper prices, as I think this kind of service is worth supporting.
Billy (US) July 2003
Thanks for the quick response to my questions. It is a pleasure to know that there are some small businesses that are still People Oriented.
BEAR (USA) May 2003
Thanks for great service. I'm pleased to recommend groove.nl to my friends.
Ville (Finland) May 2003
Thank you so much for maintaining your excellent Groove site and your weekly updates!
Dave (UK) May 2003
Thanks for your great website. Keep up the good work - we don't get anything good here in Australia.
Yanni (Aus) June 2003
I have sent a copy of my ordering to my friends so they know, that you are a great dealer. I hope you will receive many orders as many of my friends like electronic music.
Tommy (Denmark) April 2003
I appreciate a lot your attention and Groove still to be a fantastic store with a lot of new ideas and music.
Joao (Portugal) April 2003
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Kees for the great newsletter. Thank you.
John (USA) April 2003
I do not know if many people tell you what a great job you are doing with Groove and the newsletter. Let me be one who praises all your hard work. I really look forward to the newsletter on most Fridays. You always let us know what is coming, etc. Thanks,
Skip (USA) April 2003
got iiiit!! thank you v v much groovy people.
theo (UK) March 2003
I think that Groove Unlimited has to be one of the best European sources for spacemusic CDs. And they don't just carry European artists either... they have lots of music by artists from the Americas, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, etc. And @ good prices too usually.
I'm frequently amazed by some of the rare jewels that Ron & Kees dig up.
Anyway, check them out for spacemusic... and other things too. For instance, they carry some prog rock titles also.
Steve (USA) March 2003
Thank you for your quick reply. You and your firm is just great! The best ever!
Tommy (Denmark) March 2003
You have the CD's I can't find anywhere else. Thanx!
Felipe (USA) April 2003
You guys rock!!!
Antony (USA) Feb 2003
I received the CD's today in excellent condition - thanks very much!
Chris (USA) Feb 2003
I just wanted to let you know that the cds arrived today and they are all great, the music continually defies my expectations!! You definitely have made a happy customer for the future. Have a great day!!!!
Christopher (USA) Feb 2003
You guys are the greatest.
Yanni (AUS) March 2003
Congratulations one more time for your site and your great catalog of electronic music; you are the best and the more complete label of electronic music. Don't stop and will continue for many years.
Teobaldo (Spain) Jan 2003
Always great to get the E-News! It reminds me to listen to the soundclips and order stuff. :-)
Ken (USA) Feb 2003
very nice site/service, etc.
Guy (USA) Feb 2003
First order...happy to find you
Richard (USA) Feb 2003
CD arrived safely on Saturday. Thanks and best wishes to you and Groove - such a great website.
Carlo (UK) October 2002
I have received the KS disks. They are worth the wait. Thank you for your service, and I hope to place more orders in the near future.
Nathan (USA) October 2002
Very interesting and informative site. We've been looking for the Starink CD for a while so are looking forward to getting hold of a copy. Thanks.
Alan (UK) November 2002
I have recived the CD today, everything went ok, I would like to thank everyone at groove unlimited for youre services.
Edgar (Hungary) November 2002
Love your company. CD selections in the US are really limited for this sort of music.
Carolyn (USA) August 2002
Excellent web site!
Ross (UK) August 2002
Thank you very much, I'm looking forward to doing more business with Groove in the future! I really like what you carry.
Dan (USA) August 2002
It's a definite pleasure to have found you guys, and to know that there are other electronic enthusiasts out there. Thanks for the great service!
John (USA) Sept 2002
I got the order a few days ago and just wanted to let you know and to say thanks for the great music.
Jim (USA) June 2002
Het feit dat Groove Unlimited bestaat, waar ik al die boeiende muziek kan bestellen maakt mij (en veel anderen), als je kan voorstellen, heel gelukkig!
Luis (NL) July 2002
It' s always a pleassure to receive your newsletter and listen to your music ! Come and play in the south of Germany / Switzerland and I'll be there !
Axel (CH) July 2002
Brilliant site! Found a couple of albums I thought I would never find on CD - excellent stuff!
Trevett (UK) July 2002
I was very impressed by the selection of electronic music artists you are offering. Actually I think that you carry one of the best, if not the best, variety of electronic artists with an exhaustive catalogue. Be sure that I will be passing the word in Canada.
Henri (Canada) May 2002
Thanks for your excellent service!
Maurizio (Italy) June 2002
I received the CD's today. That is very fast, mailed on 18th, delivered on 22nd, wow. They arrived in excellent condition, thanks for the great service!
Martyn (USA) June 2002
Thanks for the good service last time
Hamid (Norway) June 2002
I would like to thank you for the great site, thanks to you I saw Robert Rich in Toronto. Without your info on concert events around the world, I am sure I would not have seen Robert live.
Robert (USA) April 2002
I just wanted to say thanks again for all your efforts in sharing not only your music but the music of all the other artists that you carry.
Frank (USA) April 2002
thanks for continuing to provide the best of space here on planet earth!
George (USA) April 2002
I am glad I found your site via Starsend.org. It is very extensive and well indexed with helpful sound files. Keep up the great work.
Drew (USA) May 2002
Thank U for the usual timely, courteous, and informative reply...
...Thanks again for the best site I have found for electronic / space music, and for the excellent service that I have gotten over the years.
George (USA) March 2002
Thank you also for being always kind and for your excellent service in Groove.
Patricio (CHILE) March 2002
Mijn bestelling vandaag binnen gekregen ! :-) In iedergeval nog bedankt voor je snelle reply op mijn mailtje. Verder ben ik blij dat jullie weer terug zijn ! Keep up the good work !
Harold (NL) March 2002
... the Klaus Schulze 'Contemporary Works' and 'Ultimate Edition' boxed sets. You have the absolute best prices on these sets that I can find...
Dale (USA) April 2002
Groove is an oasis in the desert.
Roger (USA) Jan 2002.
Just got my Chris Zippel CD in the mail today! Thank you very much! I love it. I really appreciate it. Your website was the only one that I found that was selling it!
Brett (USA) Feb 2002.
Excellent web site - great sound clips
Derek (UK) March 2002.
All music arrived safely on Saturday 23 March. Thanks for excellent service look forward to placing further orders.
Ken (UK) March 2002
Thanks for the CDs. Looking forward to the final one when released.
And your catalog: Amazing. Will have to order more...
Jan-Erik (Sweden)
I write this to thank you all the efforts your team & you do to make possible the Groove Unlimited. I really think that at this moment almost all the music I like is in your catalogue. I appreciate very much your weekly mail, because it makes me to stay more alive than usual.
Jorge (Spain)
I received the Ian Boddy CD I ordered. I'm pleased with the product, thank you. It was nice doing business with you, 'till next time. Once again, thank you.
Marlon (USA)
I just received my first order from you. Everything was in great shape. Thank you for making all this incredible music available. I will be sure to order even more items in the future.
Paul (USA)
Thank you so much. Love your site and will return on many occasions as I did not realise how much music to suit my tastes is out there.
Julie Ann (UK)
Thanks for the quick shipment. Ah, what a marvelous world we live in that such a volume of wondrous music can reach me in such a short time! Thanks!
Diana (USA)
You are really capable in your job ! Groove is a very good address ! Thank you again
Alain (France)
Thanks for your continual excellent service!
Martyn (USA)
Just got my 7-CD shipment...what great music!! I am fortunate to have discovered your site and the treasures awaiting me there. Thank you.
Ed (USA)
Thank you again, for your kind and quick service, I am very impressed with your catalogue! I will recommend your store to other people.
Rob (USA)
Thanks a lot again for the nice items and your support.
Juhn (South Korea)
You have the best selection, the best prices and the fastest delivery than most of the internet business I have ordered from. I have one supplier less than 25 miles from where I live that take 6 weeks to process and ship out orders.
John (USA)
Zenith ('wavestar') is a phenomenal CD! I want to thank you for letting me know that it was available. I now have the complete Wavestar catalog because of you and your GREAT company.
Raymond (USA)
You have a GREAT on-line store with a fantastic selection. Eric (USA)
You guys REALLY seem to have your act together! Well done!
Bill (Australia)
Thanks for prompt shipping and no fuss with my last order,superb service please keep up the good work.
Howard (UK)
Thank you for adding my name to your weekly E-news. I really enjoy receiving it & I find it very informative. I appreciate the effort & work that you put in to it.
Tony (USA)
I received my first order. Everything was in perfect order. I must say that you relieved some of my anxiety from ordering outside the US for the first time. Well done!!!! I'll now have no compunction regarding future orders. Too bad some vendors in-country can't be as efficient.
Ray (USA)
Bravo pour votre choix de CDs c'est très interressant !!!! Continuez à nous faire plaisir.
Michel (Belgique)
great service, great prices, great music - what more can anyone ask for !!!!
Dave (USA)
Thank you so much for your consideration and effort in resolving recent concerns. I received the last order timely via TNT, and I have been exploring and enjoying the music. I am really happy that you guys are around promoting and supporting this music.
Barry (USA)
Thanks again for your outstanding service and attention to customer satisfaction. I see the beginnings of a long, successful relationship between your company and my credit card.
John (USA)
I can't believe Korean postal system. The book what I have ordered in AMAZON.COM was disappeared in local post office. :( . But, The CD what I have ordered in your shop last month arrived correctly. :)
Kim (South Korea)
Bien reçu les 2 orders précédents THANKS. Votre site en génial!!!!!
Michel (Belgium)
I am very greatful to you for your time and effort for me, it is very much appreciated and will not hesitate to recommend you to other people.
Chris (UK)
Thanks; you're the ONLY source I've found for this CD!
Steve (USA)
Kees, let me congratulate you and Ron in releasing the excellent CD 'Binary Secrets' by Dom F. Scab. This one has to be one of your very best releases.
Lazlo (Puerto Rico)
I would not hesitate in recomending your fine company to anyone who is interested in our kind of music, it has been a pleasure dealing with two friendly people like yourselves, and I look forward to meeting more of you're friendly countrymen when I visit this summer.
(Gerry (UK)
I'm VERY happy with your service... Groove is by FAR the best overseas dealer I've done business with, so please accept my thanks for the wonderful job you do! I'll be sending others your way ;)
George (USA)
Many thanks. You guys have a great organisation - the service is superb !!
I just wanted to express how happy I am to have found the 'Groove Unlimited' website. I'm a very big listener of electronic music and sometimes I have a very difficult time trying to locate certain works of art by certain artists. The two selections I ordered, for example, have been very hard to find...and believe me, I've checked out quite a few places
Tony (USA)
Thank you for providing an excellent service for people who do not access to the range of CD's that you have on offer.
Nick (AUS)
I would also like to include Groove in the index of the book as an outstanding source for e-music.
Jim Brenholts (author 'Tracks across the Universe: A chronology of Ambient and Space music')
The CD order I placed with Groove Unlimited arrived today. Now that I am confident of your legitimacy, I feel secure placing another order with your business.
Lindy (USA)
I write to thank you for everything and to congratulate your for your work. Thank you very much for autographing both CD's. It's a shame that you didn't see the joy that I had with my copy and the one that I gave away to my friend! :))
Roberto (Spain)
I like to express my gratitude for your help and efforts in finding and shipping the ordered TD CD's. It was a great surprise that you after 6 months of searching managed to find the Wavelength album. Thank you very much.
Michael (Danmark)
I received my cd's today and the package was in excellent condition. Many thanks to Groove. You are a very serious company in the web and long life to You.
Gilles (CAN)
'Too many secrets' is really an excellent piece of 'dream music'; I love it! This kind of music is a big part of my life and help me to enjoy each day.
Thierry (BELGIUM)
I just wanted to let you know that the CDs arrived in tiptop condition. Thanks once again for your excellent service.
Thanks for your outstanding service!
Karen (USA)
Thank you very much for your support.
Naotaka (Japan)
The replacement copy of 'Different Colours' that you sent me arrived here safely on Christmas Eve - thanks very much!
Tony (UK)
It's the first time today that I had time to listen to Van Bogaert's - 'Geographic'. I like it very much : Original and technicaly well done
Jean-jacques (FRANCE)
I received my order today, thank you very much. It took a bit longer than the promised 2-3 days, but that doesn't really matter..