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1 Aliens Among us 3:30
2 Was Sich Liebt, Das Neckt Sich 15:02
3 Fabelhaft 12:58
4 The Outerworld System Part 1 5:04
5 The Outerworld System part 2 7:58
6 Laura-Sophie 8:24
7 Other Worlds 7:34

TXT of 2006

Frank Roodzant is a newcomer to the world of EM. Independent artist, he presents us with a first opus; Mix the Signals. A title where the author wants to breathe, through his music, his thoughts on distress, hope, desire and passion, through different electronic musical approaches.
Aliens Among us opens Frank Roodzant’s first opus on an atmospheric note that resembles Pink Floyd’s Shine on you Crazy Diamonds, with its light sound effects descending on cosmic synthetic cousins. A brief acoustic guitar lulls our expectations while a symphonic movement charms them.
Cadenced pulsations impose a heavy and slow rhythm on Was Sich Liebt, Das Neckt Sich. Superb flute breaths embrace a rich and dense musical structure where beautiful strata float in a threatening universe which takes its measure on a round and hopping sequencer. A title with ambiguous movements, which has beautiful melodious segments, it cogitates between the sibylline of its aura and the irregular heaviness of an efficient sequencer. Fabelhaft is a superb very symphonic title which reminds me of the good times of Software. A sober rhythm on a beautiful poignant melody, surrounded by symphonic percussions, synthetic strata with orchestral arrangements, imitating the splendor of a violin section with nostalgic inputs.
A soft flute, on a mystical harp which winds an esoteric movement, takes the first bars of The Outerworld System Part 1. A romantic title with beautiful virtual choirs which perfume a sober movement whose main sequence continues on part 2.
It is surrounded by a beautiful heavy and melancholic synth, like a big mellotron wind, that this sequence is engulfed in the first moments of The Outerworld System part 2. A very beautiful piano emerges from it, while the sequence becomes more fluid. Flutes, choirs and beautiful synthetic breaths with twisting solos adorn a movement which crescends with harmony, on a livelier piano.

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