Martin Stürtzer – Illumination Cycle


Released: 2022 By Martin Stürtzer

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  1. Alpha Recall – 08:04
  2. Duality Cipher – 06:28
  3. Lagrange Point – 08:04
  4. Liquid Source – 07:38
  5. Radial Orbit – 07:28
  6. Sky’s Edge – 06:08
  7. Omega Threshold – 06:50
  8. Harmonic Polarity – 07:29

Moments of stillness contrast with passages of movement as the aspect of illumination washes over a moonlit landscape… Such is the atmosphere on Synphaera Artist Martin Stürtzer’s new album, Illumination Cycle.

Eight tracks created in his studio in Wuppertal, Germany, Martin’s detailed, improvisational approach brings a captivating blend of neo-Berlin School sequencing and deep-time ambience to create an atmospheric journey on the path to illumination.

All music by Martin Stürtzer. Recorded in Winter 2020 / 2021 in Wuppertal.

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