Justin Vandenberg – Synthetic Memories


Released: 2011 By Spotted Peccary Music

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  1. From Below
  2. When I Walk
  3. Synthetic Memories
  4. 67
  5. The Path
  6. Dusk
  7. Drops
  8. Cold Brightness

Synthetic Memories, Justin Vanderberg’s, delivers eight deeply moving and contemplative tracks of pure wonder where pulsing electronics textures and rich ambient spaces are perfectly blended heartfelt Music.

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1 review for Justin Vandenberg – Synthetic Memories

  1. Sylvain Luparigutsofdarkness.com & synth&sequences.com

    Oh! This is a wonderful one. Its a small marvel of contemplative music and a pure musical delight that Justin Vanderberg offers as his first opus on the Spotted Peccary label. Weaved on reflections and questionings of memories as well as their realities, Synthetic Memories is flowing as if by magic into our ears to touch the slightest hidden recesses of our soul. Its a majestic musical adventure which breathes by our bewitchment all throughout its taming. Synthetic Memories exudes tranquility on 8 titles with rhythms and ambiances which become entangled in a stunning symbiosis where morphic and oniric layers flirt with fine sequenced momentums. This 2nd opus from Justin Vanderberg is a masterpiece of poetry without words and a splendid album of an incredible musical depth which will know how to captivate your hearing as much as your feelings.

    Astral winds and rustles jostle elements of life to introduce the wonderful From Below”

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