Klaus Schulze & Gunter Schickert – Schulze-Schickert Session De Luxe Edition


Released: 2013 By Four Life

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  1. Die Sehnsucht des Laien
  2. Hymns to the Night
  3. No-Frills
  4. Heart of Darkness
  5. Twilight Chill
  6. Blessed Twilight
  7. Spirits of The Dead (bonus track)
  8. Happy Country Life (bonus track)

For the FIRST TIME, from the vaults of electronic music guru, KLAUS SCHULZEcomes The Schulze-Schickert Session, a RARE private session with echo-guitar pioneer, GUNTER SCHICKERT. Recorded on 26 September 1975

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2 reviews for Klaus Schulze & Gunter Schickert – Schulze-Schickert Session De Luxe Edition

  1. Sylvain Lupari / gutsofdarkness.com & synth&sequences.com

    The benefit of time is that it has all the leisure to dust its boredoms by making a backwash of its years, decades and so make us discover a pearl that it hid. The first time that I heard The Schulze-Schickert Session, it was with The Home Session bootleg. And I got to say it straightaway, I wasnt thrilled at all. But here we are! The bootleg becomes an official album and finds its niche on the Russian label Mirumir in a180 gram vinyl album, a CD and a Deluxe version CD which includes 2 unedited tracks which inhale the ambiences of this session improvised in Klaus Schulze’s living room in Hamburg on September 26th 1975. Was it the time of Timewind and Moondawn? You bet it was and it shows all over this album. And suddenly I rediscover this private session became public where the atmospheres and the dark rhythms of Blackdance and Timewind float in a musical broth which smells and sounds like the one of Ashra. The Schulze-Schickert Session is an eclectic duel synth/guitar where the EMS Synthi A of KS spreads its membrane of musical schizophrenia on a surprising guitar play which forces the rhythm like a sequencer with acoustic keys.

    Such as a pistolero of electronic dunes, the guitar of Gnter Schickert bites some winds biased by glaucous snores which expire its dusts of rocks. Layers of organs sleep in nightlight while the intro floats in its nasal aromas. The electronic tones of bat, peculiar to the EMS Synthi A, shell the silence like a dropper fed on iodine. Sparkling of their extraterrestrial tones on the back of layers sounding like an old Farfisa, they get lost in the 12 strings of a Framus that Schickert pinches with address. The rhythm of The Schulze-Schickert Session” is slightly carried away with Hymns to the Night. Nasal

  2. Louie Bourland / USA

    Another vintage unreleased Klaus Schulze session has made its way out of the vaults. This time, it’s in the form of an informal home studio session with the Berlin-based guitarist Gunter Schickert. The recording dates from the same period of Schulze’s immortal classic Timewind” and there are many similarities between that album and the music heard here.

    The main work on the disc is a 45-minute Berlin School sequencer improvisation which (as mentioned above) is in the same vein as “Timewind”. Schickert’s guitar adds another demension to the music with his use of delay and phasing which punctuate Schulze’s sequencers. It also should be noted that Schickert’s guitar work could easily be mistaken for that of Manuel Gottsching (Schulze’s former Ash Ra Tempel bandmate) as the two guitarists share quite a similar approach and style. In keeping with the loose improvisational style

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