Kurtz Mindfields – Analogic Touch


Released: 2018 By PWM Distribution

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  1. Laniakea Symphonia 30:39 + Milena Sergeeva
  2. Deep Field Emotion Part One 7:43 + Robert Rich
  3. Silken Voyage 9:15 + Olivier Grall + Jean-Michel Zanetti
  4. Deep Field Emotion Part Two 9:30 + Kliment & Wendy Martinez
  5. After Earth Song 12:20 Irina Mikhailova

Very broad styled release.

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1 review for Kurtz Mindfields – Analogic Touch

  1. Sylvain Lupari

    As much to specify you from the outset that discovering the fascinating world of Analogic Touch is to agree to enter in a unique sound world where experimentation with a range of synthesizers and analog sequencers go alongside musical forms and ambient phases intimately linked to this search of those great pioneers who brought EM to where it currently stands. Even more hungry for this universe without borders, Kurtz Mindfields is honoring his reputation by signing an even more striking work than Journey Through the Analog Adventure in 2015. Switching perfectly phases of atmospheres, intrinsic to the infinite possibilities of the art, for revolving rhythms, the duo Kurtz Mindfields and Tajmahal give the nobility to the Berlin School with an album whose only flaw is that any good thing has an end. Supported by the DJ designer of sounds Tajmahal, this album, which requires a little more patience before assimilating its beauties, teems with vi s ionary guests with the participation of Stephane Gallay, Kliment and Olivier Grall on synths, Jean Michel Zanetti on guitar, Robert Rich on Haken Key Continuum as well as Milena Sergeeva, Irina Mikhailova and Wendy Martinez on voices. An amazing album which deserves its subtitle; From Berlin School to Ambient Electronica.

    The album begins with the epic title Lanakiea”. From the top of its 30 minutes

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