Meg Bowles – Voices from the Ethereal Forest


Released: 2022 By Kumatone Records

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1.- Voices from the Ethereal Forest 08:14
2. – Ode to a Fragile Sea 06:34
3. – Grove of Light 08:54
4. – Slow Dance Under a Red Moon 05:28
5. – Woodland of Sorrows 06:19
6. – Winter Fog 09:49
7. – Evening Chorus 11:57

Forests are ambient communities of textures, sounds, and lifeforms, all of which interact in a miraculous web, vibrating and dancing with the elemental forces of nature. They sustain life for the planet, bear silent witness to history, and form containing spaces which can attract and hold the emotional energies of all sentient beings, from fear and grief all the way to delight and awe. Forests are also storytellers. When immersed in the woods, we also become woven into a majestic yet intimate tapestry of light and shadow, becoming part of the story. When I was a child, I would often imagine that I could hear the trees sing after a deep, cleansing rain. There were no words, simply the sense of an emerging cluster of sound, radiating what I imagined to be relief and gratitude for the nourishing waters that fed their roots. The idea of a singing forest is what piqued my curiosity about integrating the human voice and especially vocal ensembles into ambient music in a way that honors the primacy of texture. Voices emerge slowly—often beginning before awareness—and then recede, much as the constantly shifting textures of the forest do, all creating an atmosphere of quiet, radiant timelessness. This album invites the listener into a verdant, ambient oasis, where layers of subtle vocal textures form a living tapestry evoking the beauty and magic of forests past. Impressionistic and introspective, this music is also a tribute to the forests which—whether through natural aging, climate change, or destructive human interaction—no longer exist in this realm.

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