Remy + Däcker – Live at Byss (50 copy/Limited Edition) (CD/CD’r)


Released: 2024 By Desert Island Music

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Remy + Däcker – Live at Byss (Limited Edition)

Because there was recorded quite some interesting music during the rehearsal sessions for this concert, Peter suggested it would be nice to have an additional bonus disc for anyone who pre-orders the “Live at BYSS album release. So there has been added a ‘limited edition’ for only 2 additional euros.

1. Into The aBYSS – 17:07
2. BYSSmuth – 13:27
3. Club BYSSarre – 10:08
4. Mind your own BYSSiness – 14:43
5. BYSS Aldrin – 11:15
6. BYSS! BYSS! BYSS! – 11:10

During the pandemic, Bas Broekhuis invited musicians at his BYSS music studio. Artists including Kontroll-Raum, Ron Boots, Skoulaman and René van der Wouden entered the small stage to perform their music for a large audience through a live video stream. This was the only way to reach listeners in times of worldwide lockdown.
Also Remy Stroomer (REMY) and Peter Dekker (Däcker) got the opportunity to premier their collaboration at BYSS. This album contains the registration of their improvised concert.

Performed by REMY (Remy Stroomer) and Däcker (Peter Dekker) at BYSS, December 19th, 2020.

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