Steve Roach – Trance spirits


Released: 2002 By Projekt

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  1. Taking Flight [10:36]
  2. Trance Spirits [16:44]
  3. Off Spring [8:10]
  4. Seekers [7:20]
  5. The Calling [5:47]
  6. Year of the Horse [13:34]
  7. In The Same Deep Water [11:42]

Genuine tribal ambient soundscapes. With Fayman and Fripp

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3 reviews for Steve Roach – Trance spirits

  1. Dwight Loop / Earwaves Media

    Trance Spirits, the striking new collaborative collection of music, is a new look at the phenomena of trance music” and its effects on the human experience.

    Traditionally speaking

  2. David J Opdyke / AmbiEntrance

    The creeping mists (including guitar soundscapes by Robert Fripp) which flow into Taking Flight are soon pounced upon by layers of tribally thundering drums, vigorously pummeled by Fayman and Momodou Kah.
    The title track (16:44) is punctuated by rumbly low beats and sharper clattering accents, as softly cycling clouds stir beneath, evoking vast primeval environments, which spread to beatless whispers as the piece simmers down.
    Seekers wanders over a shimmering veil propelled by ripplingly rhythmic grooves.
    The Calling (5:47) returns to a drummier zone, as rapidly-thumped skins reverberate and spatter against silky streamers. Sleek symphonic slip through the stratosphere which hovers above In The Same Deep Water while throbbing low beats pump out a captivating tattoo.
    The subtly crafted sound worlds of Trance Spirits explore vaporous contours of an unknown terrain, with the addition of more-forcefully pounded percussion, of course.

    Seven tracks cover 74 minutes with relaxing/ invigorating drum-driven atmospheres a’la Steve Roach / Jeffrey Fayman and friends.

    2002. David J Opdyke / AmbiEntrance

  3. Hannah M.G. Shapero / USA

    The versatile Steve Roach returns to the neo-tribal world of shamanic percussion with this thunderous album, performed with drummers Jeffrey Fayman and Momodou Kah, also with guitar tonalities by prog-rock veteran Robert Fripp.
    Fayman and Momodou have appeared previously with Roach and Byron Metcalf on 2000s The Serpents Lair. Throughout the years, Roach has been able to assemble a constellation of top talent to produce a body of work that melds aboriginal percussion and wind instruments with 20th century electric guitar and 21st century synthesizers. Trance Spirits is the latest addition to the collection.
    It is interesting that Roachs guitar ambient album Streams and Currents came out in the same year as this one. The two Roach works could not be more different. Streams has hardly any rhythm at all its pure harmony, a music of rest and dream. Trance Spirits is all about exciting, entrancing rhythm, with harmony kept in the background. The two drummers, Fayman and Momodou Kah, perform live and acoustic no electronic generators or looping for them. As a result, the interactions between the ensemble beats become as complex as any fractal programming could produce, with the subtle irregularities and constant changes only possible with the work of human hands.
    Sometimes the drums carry on with galloping intensity, as in track 6, Year of the Horse

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