V/A – Tone Science Module No.2 Elements and Particles


Released: 2018 By DiN Records

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  1. Floating World by Todd Barton [8:41]
  2. Magnetic Lullaby by Bluetech [6:36]
  3. Additive Procedure by Parallel Worlds [5:56]
  4. Euneirophrenia by Paul Nagle [7:52]
  5. Overtone by Dave Bessell [6:37]
  6. Radar Hill by Richard Quirk [7:22]
  7. Your Strange Glitter by Hainbach [5:02]
  8. Prophet & Loss by Nathan Moody [5:02]
  9. Marine Layer by r beny [7:02]

Part 2 of this unique series!!

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1 review for V/A – Tone Science Module No.2 Elements and Particles

  1. Sylvain Lupari

    And if I told you that there is a way to discover contemporary progressive electronic music without breaking the bank, would you believe it? That’s the bet of Ian Boddy who year after year pushes the limits of his creativity by innovating on several fronts. DinDDL is a virtual record company which is in parallel with the activities of DiN Records. Aware that EM is an art whose engine resides in research, Ian Boddy has set up this division to expose works where the craftsmen of analog and modular synths carry the fruit of their research available to everyone. Experimental and progressive EM, yes! But there are always filaments of harmonies which are hiding there. Harmonies as elusive as the patterns of rhythms and the textures of vibes. Available on June 15, Submission Vol 2 is built following the same ideology as Submission Vol 1, either by choosing a title among the albums 11 to 19 which have been offered for download since the very good T he Secret Society from Lyonel Bauchet. Apart from this album, the nine other titles of Submission Vol 2 are spotlights on Ian Boddy and the progression of his solo career, there are 4 of his albums, or in duet where we also find 4 albums. Ian Boddy has edited this compilation on last May and concocted an album which fills our ears with a feast of tones, from analog and/or modular synths, but also a feast of rhythms as odd as quite lively. In the end, it’s an nice compilation of an amazing EM.

    The album opens with a title from The Secret Society, Pavane K4816″. According to my tastes

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