Yellow Magic Orchestra – Service


Released: 2015 By Four Life
Condition: Unreleased
Expected: Jun 19 2015

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  1. Limbo [3:30]
  2. S.E.T. [4:22]
  3. The madman [4:40]
  4. S.E.T. [1:24]
  5. Chinese whispers [4:28]MP3 soundclip of Chinese whispers [3:00]
  6. S.E.T. [4:16]
  7. You’ve got to help yourself [4:43]
  8. S.E.T. + YMO [5:54]
  9. Shadows on the ground [4:20]
  10. S.E.T. [3:26]
  11. See-through [3:36]
  12. S.E.T. [4:09]
  13. Perspective [5:13]
  14. S.E.T. [0:47]

Release date 19-6-2015

Additional information

Weight 105 g



Jewel Case

1 review for Yellow Magic Orchestra – Service

  1. Ivar de Vries

    Service contains seven well-produced songs, each followed by a section of what sounds, to a non-Japanese-speaking person, like a sort of melodrama performed by the members of YMO and various other voices. Quite what its all about I havent got the faintest idea but the songs inbetween are quite good and sound much more polished (and better) than those on the previous album Naughty Boys.

    The whole atmosphere is upbeat and positive-sounding. Perspective is actually quite a touching song, something not normally associated with YMO – it describes the every-day life of a person, of a popstar perhaps, to put it into some kind of perspective ? After all, this was to be YMOs last real album before reforming for 1993s Technodon so apparently theyd had enough and wanted to go their separate ways.

    1999. Ivar de Vries

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