Groove Unlimited is on the Internet since 1995. We import titles direct from all labels as well as independents. In our catalog are over 2000 titles.
Our catalog is available in three currencies and languages and you can pay in various ways including checks, PayPal and credit card. Ordering is of course SECURE.
Safe + Easy
Our catalog contains a huge selection of Electronic Music on audio and dvd, in all styles like rhythmic, retro, melodic, ambient, Berlin School, space and new age.
Fast service
We give optimal service and have a personal approach with all our customers. We're open 7 days a week and answer all Emails within 24 hours. Here are some customer reactions.
Free extras
On our daily updated pages you can hear or download free mp3 sound clips, read about the latest releases and concerts. Or subscribe to our free weekly newsletter.
And every week our jukebox is filled with new titles and there's a new radioshow of Ron Boots.
We also have our own dynamic label with artists like: Ron Boots, Wavestar, John Dyson, Michael Stearns, Johan Timman, David Parsons, Harald Grosskopf, Frank Van Bogaert, Gert Emmens, VoLt, Eric van der Heijden, Kees Aerts and many others. Several have their homepage here.