[Groove] E-News 1303 24th December 2022 Hello Electronic lovers.

2022, what a year.
2 days ago I got the very sad news that my friend and great musician Steve Smith died.

Geen fotobeschrijving beschikbaar.
So many great evenings we had before a E-Day or E-Live at my home.
His music with Volt and his solo music is among the best we ever released!!
Steve will never be forgotten.
RIP Steve and our heartfelt condolences to his family and of course, to his long time friend and collaborator Michael Shipway of Volt. Stay strong Michael!!  Dreamscape radio special edition. 
I have made a special remembering Dreamscape radio this week with music of friends and musicians that have passed away this year and had a big influence on me and my music. 
Klaus Schulze, Vangelis, Manuel Gottsching, Thomas Fanger, Mark Shreeve and Steve Smith are in this show. I know we lost many other great artists but these where very special for me!!
A special 2 hour show for the dark days that are now around us!

Thanks for your time
Ron Boots As you celebrate Christmas, make wonderful memories that will linger in your home, make great friendships that will last a lifetime and may this season filled with peace and joy. 
Hope you have a wonderful time and those in the middle and north of the US!! Stay safe, it seems to be cold in those places!!

From Monique and me, have a merry Christmas. Snoopy Christmas square Xmas tree Now released!!
GR – 339 – Rob Papen & Ron Boots – A November evening @ CKE

Now available on Bandcamp
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Jean Michel Jarre – ELECTRONICA 2: The Heart of Noise (2nd hand, digipak) (cd) 
Steve Roach – Ambient Church – New York City (digipak) (2-cd)
Rob Papen & Ron Boots – A November evening @ CKE (cd)
Erik Wollo – Shape of Time (digipak) (cd)

Additions and changes from December 1 2022 till December 18 2022

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Jarre, Jean Michel – ELECTRONICA 2: THE HEART OF NOISE (cd) s77332 (2nd hand)
2016. The album features 18 different collaborators.
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Roach, Steve – AMBIENT CHURCH – NEW YORK CITY (2-cd) 56286
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Rob Papen & Ron Boots – A NOVEMBER EVENING @ CKE (cd) gr-339
2022. Yes the 12th of November concert now on CD!!.
$ 18.49 / UKP 12.99 / EURO 14.75
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Wollo, Erik – SHAPE OF TIME (cd) 38487
2023. Ambient, rhythmic and melodic.
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