E-News 1312 February 27th 2023 Hello all.

We had a great Saturday evening at the Schallwelle-Preisverleihung.

And what a great evening for Groove as a label again!  With our musicians F.D. Project, Gert Emmens, Skoulaman, Synth.nl and Rob Papen & me in the top lists 🙂

Another great fun was meeting up with new and old friends and to talk to Winfried Trenkler which I had not met for a few years!! Over 80 but still a great orator!!
Winfried gave away the life time award to Eroc this evening.

And Harald Grosskopf gave a heartwarming speech of his memories with Klaus Schulze who won the best national Album award!! One of the best speeches I have heard in years during these events!!

Also good to see so many guest and fans to come to this event. Makes it something like the Grammy’s for the EM scene. Sadly they did not invite Ricky Gervais as we could use a laugh after the sad year of 2022 where we lost so many great musicians and friends.

All by all a very nice evening with a great performance by Frank Dorittke and Kellerkind Berlin!! Could not follow the concert by Wostheinrich and Lankow as I was talking in the back with many friends and fans but it sounded at times cool!!
A big thanks to the organizers and all involved. It was again a very good event.
There is a great web page with all content of the lists (up to place 20!!)
Check it out  https://schallwelle-preis.de/gewinner/gewinner-2022

Here are the results (we name the first 10 in each category!!)
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So here we go! Künstler National / Best Artist National Stefan Erbe Klaus Schulze Tangerine Dream Martin Stürtzer Spyra F.D. Project Johannes Schmoelling Moonbooter Kellerkind Berlin Broekhuis, Keller & Schönwälder ———————————————————–
Künstler International / Best Artist International

  1. Ron Boots & Rob Papen (whoopie) !!
  2. Jean-Michel Jarre
  3. State Azur
  4. Ian Boddy
  5. Erik Wøllo
  6. Sequentia Legenda
  7. Steve Roach
  8. Skoulaman
  9. BySenses
  10. kebu
Alben National / Best Album National
  1. Klaus Schulze – Deus Arrakis
  2. Tangerine Dream – Raum
  3. Stefan Erbe – Distopia
  4. Moonbooter – Reminiscence
  5. Klangwelt – Here and Why
  6. F.D. Project – Color of Life
  7. Johannes Schmoelling – Iter Meum
  8. Axess -Singularities
  9. Globotom – LIVE
  10. Sankt Otten – Symmetrie und Wahnsinn
Alben International / Best Album International
  1. Jean-Michel Jarre – Oxymore
  2. Skoulaman – Mundus in Motu (Whoopie)
  3. Erik Wøllo – Sojourns
  4. Stan Dart – Murinsel Vol. 5
  5. Colin Rayment – Equilibrium
  6. Sequentia Legenda – Resonances
  7. Skoulaman & Ron Boots – Hot August Afternoon
  8. Kubusschnitt – The Core
  9. BySenses – MonoCHROME
  10. Caterina Barbieri – Spirit Exit
Ambient Alben / Best Ambient Album
  1. Ian Boddy & Erik Wøllo – Revolve
  2. Steve Roach – What remains
  3. State Azure – Cepheus Origin
  4. Remote Vision – The Architecture of Time
  5. Lauge & AES Dana – Terrene
  6. Isostatic – The Forest Abides
  7. Lars Leonhard – Geometric Shapes
  8. Subtle Shift – Sombre Frequencies
  9. Starterra – Transformation Cycles
  10. Atrium Carceri & Kammarheit – Colossus
Neuling / Newcomer
  1. Tabilonder
  2. Клет
  3. Hyrn
  4. WEGA
So you can see cool results for Groove and the musicians. And also great to see Ian Boddy and Erik Wollo getting an award (hopefully we can present them with it at E-Day where both will be present as will be Martin Stürtzer who presented this award during the evening.

To all nominees and winners a great applause !! 
btw. we will have a new Dreamscape radio on tomorrow (Tuesday) that will feature a lot of musicians from the event!! 
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