E-News 1315 March 26th 2023
Welcome EM lovers.

We had a great day at the Antenne festival yesterday, a lot of new faces and new music! I saw some surprising good new acts I never heard before. And the interlude talks of Paul Verkempinck where very cool. An amazing day with lots of new musical inputs!!

Thanks to all who came and supported the scene. And also a big thanks to all the organizers. The food was fab.. And the vibe and feeling very cool!! 
Biggest thanks to rob Papen he is an amazing musician to work with. New Releases in the catalog.

Steve Roach – Rest of Life (2CD)


Emerging from a place of deep peace, expansiveness and renewal, Rest of Life is Steve Roach’s new 134-minute opus to quietude. With a graceful, nurturing quality expressed in five different reflective moods, Disc One is 70 minutes of impressionistic, emotion-infused electronic soundscapes. As Steve reflects, “I consciously tuned into the soul tone of Structures from Silence and Quiet Music. Not in a nostalgic sense but exploring and expressing where this feeling lives in me now in the depth of myself at this point in time. As stated in the Quiet Music release notes years ago, the essence of this deep listening occurs not only within the experience of the music itself but also within the place that you are after the music fades and you return to the silence, this rest of life.”

Disc Two, “The Knowing Place,” embraces a vast majestic textural landscape that plays with the unexpected harmony of chance and expanding time. The single, extended composition evolves over 60 minutes: gently ecstatic mystical spaces emerge and finally surrender to a deeper embrace of living, breathing, stately thematic chordal passages and melodic interweaves that include processed viola performed by Linda Kohanov. The spacious symphonic arc and emotional resonance of the track culminates in the re… more

SFF Schicke, Führs + Fröhling – The Complete Recordings


SFF (Eduard Schicke, Gerd Führs and Heinz Fröhling), had an orchestral sound that was overwhelming and fascinating. With Dieter Dirks (Scorpions, Wallenstein, Nektar etc.) the band found an excellent producer for their first album “Symphonic Pictures”, which was released in 1976 and sold about 12,000 copies. The trio’s popularity grew mainly due to their unforgettable live concerts – “It was a bit like magic and an overwhelming intensity that took the audience and the band together into another world.” In this context, the SFF gigs in Scheeßel (Germana, 1977) and, of course, the Brain Festival (1978), from which two songs appear on this collection, should be mentioned.

In 1977 and 1978 SFF recorded two more records with Dieter Dierks: “Sunburst” and “Ticket To Everywhere”. After the recording of the last album, musical and ideological differences arose and the trio disbanded.

Gerd lived in Bremen until his tragic death in November 1992. He worked in Japan, the USA, England and Germany for Yamaha, who considered Gerd one of the best programmers / keyboard consultants in the world.

This CD release is dedicated to his memory. / • great CD collection of all three studio albums of the band, with extensive photos and liner notes and compl. remastered • 2 bonus-tracks of the legendary 1978 Brain-Festival, Essen (Germany)

Kitaro – The Epic Collection (4 DVD Set)


4 X DVD:
Kojiki: A Story in Concert
An Enchanted Evening
Daylight, Moonlight
Kojiki and the Universe

4 Great DVD’s for a nice price!!
  Special Klaus Schulze CD/DVD offer!!
We have a selection of nice CDs from Grand Master Klaus for a very nice price!!
The change to complete your collections.

Klaus Schulze – Ballett 2 – Ballet 3 – Ballet 4 only € 9.90 pp




Further as special price is also the brilliant following Schulze albums

Klaus Schulze & Lisa Gerrard – Dziekuje Bardzo – € 9.90


Klaus Schulze – Dosburg online – € 9.90


Klaus Schulze – Kontinuum – €12.90


Klaus Schulze – Silhouettes – € 12.90

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Start 13.00 (Doors open at 12.00)
CKE – Eindhoven – The Netherlands
This week we will add the artist profiles and yep less then a 100 tickets left!!
And only 8 weeks to go!! Don’t be to late to order them.

Yes!! we have the full programm. And what a stage we have set for you
– Erik Wøllo
– Beyond Berlin (Martin Peters and Rene de Bakker)
– Martin Stürtzer
– Bernd Michael Land

And on the Foyer stage the great Dutch synthesist.
– Gert Blokzijl

Ticketsales here don’t miss out!!
Easiest way is our new webshop / go to!
30 Euro
https://www.groove.nl/shop/e-day-2023-ticket/?v=796834e7a283 Sorry no new Dreamscape this week next week there will be a new issue!!

Thanks for your time.

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