E-News 1323 May 22th 2023
E-Day 2023 

So another E-Day has gone by, and what a great day it was.
The weather was good, the audience (+200 !!) was superb, the hall was great, and I had almost nothing to do!! We had a great start to the day building the stage, setting up all the gear, and getting the cafe and food corner sought out. But all was done at a pace I have rarely seen on other days.

So on time, we started with a cool concert by Gerrit Blokzijl on the front stage.I did not experience that, but I heard it was great.

At 14.00, the main hall opened, and the people came in for the first concert of.
Bernd Michael Land his concert was a surprise for me and great fun. Soldom does electronic music bring a smile to my face, but I had one this whole performance. And the joy Bernd had on stage was just so infectious. What a great guy and musician. No deep faces, no difficult memes, just a pure smile and happiness. Something we need in this day and age. Thanks for that great performance, Bernd!!

That was a great beginning of the day in the main hall. And at 16.00, we started first with giving the Schallwelle awards to Ian Boddy and Erik Wollo, which they had won in February during the Schallwelle Election! Presented to them by Klaus Sommerfeld and Martin Stürtzer.

Martin Stürtzer started his journey into the ambient realms of music. A great set with wide open cords of evolving sounds and slow moving sequences that made the hall forget the time. A warm, gentle sound just covered the listeners, and many were dreaming away on the mellow shores of the music of Martin.

Just before 17.30, the first concerts had passed, and the longer break came with a great set by Gerrit Blokzijl on the front stage. This time I did sat down and enjoyed it for 15 minutes, and man, the people who got to listen to his music must have enjoyed that!

At 19.10, the main hall opened again, and right on time, we got the Dutch duo “Beyond Berlin“. Martin Peters and Rene de Bakker were in great form, the sequences just oozed out of the modular synths, and the audience was treated to a great concert of our beloved Berlin School music. A treat for the ears.

21.05: The hall has filled up again, and we get the start of one of the finest musicians we have in our scene.

Erik Wøllo. He gave us one of his more rhythmic and faster sets with amazing guitar playing. His tribute to Manuel Gottsching with his adaptation of Sunrain was just amazing. the whole set was a mesmerizing experience that captivated the audience. What a great musician he is.

22.25, the end of a perfect musical day. No hiccups, no stress, and some of the best electronic music has to offer!!

I want to thank all my helpers on the day, Bas Broekhuis for the superb lightning, Stephen Whitlan as stage manager, the guys and girls who run the bar and the food sections, and the ladies at the ticket sales (It’s a family affair). Bert and Monique for running the stand, and Johan, Hans, Alex, Jaqueline, and Rob for being on standby all the time. And the people at the CKE Eindhoven.

The musicians that made that amazing music on stage, Gert, Bernd, Martin S., Rene, Martin P., and Erik Wøllo. They made music magic come alive on the stages during the day.

And of course, you!! The audience, without whom this would not have been possible.

Ron Boots.
  New from Groove!! So this going to be a short E-News but we have releases 3 new great musical pieces!

GR-345 – Paul Ellis – Colour the Mind




GR -346 – Beyond Berlin – World gone Mad



And we have a few left of the special E-Day release
GR-347 – Rob Papen & Ron Boots – Antenna Live


So that is it for this E-News.
Next week a new one and a new Dreamscape radio!!

Thanks for your time
Ron Boots
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