E-News 1328 June 25th 2023

Welcome to a new E-News. 

We have extended the Summer sale due to the BIG!! success, many have jumped on and get some great music with a 20% discount!! Use the coupon code Summer and it  will give you a 20% !! Discount on all titles and items!! Yeah ALL!! Even the special Box sets etc!!

10 Musicians / 10 CD titles.
I made an episode with 10 Groove artists and 10 of their CD’s!!
Get them all correct and win a great price!!
Pick any of the CD’s from Groove Unlimited own releases.
The first one can pick 5!! free CD’s.
And each 4 next correct answers (you don’t need all of the to be correct!!)
by you gives you the choice of 4/3/2/1 CD!!

So mail me the answer asap (ron@groove.nl),
Be first so you can be the biggest winner 🙂
Might be not all will have 10 out of 10 so we will look also at answers that have not all correct! Enjoy this 1.15 hours edition of Dreamscape radio!!

Hello 2024 in the Bochum planetarium!!
Jahresabschlusskonzert des Schallwende-Vereins mit Ron Boots und Rob Papen.
The last concert of 2023 in the Bochum Planetarium!

Tickets online are now available to order!!
Lets see each other on the 30th of December!

Dutch Electronic Masters Music Festival 2
Date: Saturday, August 26, 2023
Doors: 1:00 PM, Start: 2:00 PM, Expected End: 10:00 PM
Admission: €15,-

Foundation ‘t Tejaterke
Max de Bossustraat 1
5684 CG Best

This time again with four bands/musicians who will perform in the following order:

• Electronic Machine
• Feralia Planitia
• Ron Boots
• The People’s Republic of Europe

Presale tickets available via:

New entries!

Dominik Hauser – The Bounty (Music From The Motion Picture by Vangelis)

The Bounty is based on Richard Hough’s fictional account of the events that led to the mutiny on the HMS Bounty in 1789, Captain Bligh and Mr. Christian. It was originally intended as a two-part vehicle from famed director David Lean, and was to feature a score by his frequent collaborator Maurice Jarre.

Limited to 2000 copies

Arranged By, Producer, Performer – Dominik Hauser
Composed By – Vangelis
Edited By, Mastered By – James Nelson
Executive Producer – Ford A. Thaxton
Producer, Art Direction – Mark Banning

Yellow Magic Orchestra – Hi-Tech/No Crime (Reconstructed)

A great album with remixed tracks from YMO!!
808 state / Orbital / The Orb / Graham Massey and others made really cool versions of these great YMO tracks!!

We have added some nice prices Philip Glass albums for you!
Among them a few very nice best of ones that really reflect on his great music!

Philip Glass – Best Of Philip Glass

A very nice double CD with many of his best and most beloved works!

Philip Glass – The Essential Philip Glass

A wonderfull selection of Glass his music Played by The Philip Glass Ensemble

Philip Glass – Koyaanisqatsi

Probably his most known work, I love this music!!

Blue cover version. Contains a 4-page-booklet.
Remixed at Greene St. Recording Studio NY, NY.
Recorded at RCA Studio NY, NY, Greene St. Recording Studio NY, NY, RPM Sound Studio, NY, NY.

And check for more Philip Glass music here.
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