E-News 1344 – November 4th 2023

Hello all, 

Fall is here and we had our first Autumn storm. 
So it is time for some extra discount, 10% on all in the catalog!!
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This also applies for our Bandcamp page!! 
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Use the code ” fall ” and get 10% discount on all items in the catalog.

And with some great new releases on it’s way get the music in for the coming colder days. So here we go and this coming Sunday there will be a new Dreamscape Radio!

Thnx for your time 
Ron Boots

  NEW on Groovee
FD.Project – Stars Landscape and Collision
Available as CD/FLAC and MP3!!
Release date is November 11th.

1 – Stars Landscape and Collision (part one)
2 – Stars Landscape and Collision (part two)
3 – Stars Landscape and Collision (part three)
4 – Stars Landscape and Collision (part four)
5 – Stars Landscape and Collision (part five final)
6 – The Cave of all Truths (special track for the CD release)

Track 6 is special for this CD release and the Groove Downloads. 
Awesome melodies and sequencing meet the perfect guitar of Frank!
A great new release full of uplifting tracks. NEW DIN release Benge – The View From Vega
CD / https://www.groove.nl/shop/benge-the-view-from-vega/?v=796834e7a283
Vinyl / https://www.groove.nl/shop/benge-the-view-from-vega-vinyl/?v=796834e7a283

01 The View From Vega (Part I) 06:44
02 The View From Vega (Part II) 05:07
03 The View From Vega (Part III) 06:14
04 The View From Vega (Part IV) 06:54
05 The View From Vega (Part V) 05:21
06 The View From Vega (Part VI) 07:32
Total Time : 37:54

Ben Edwards, better known by his pseudonym Benge, has been exploring the sonic possibilities of electronic instruments since he was a young boy, in the1970s. After graduating from art school in 1990 he set up his own music studio and started recording his unique blend of experimental electronica, culminating in his debut album “Electro-Orgoustic Music” and the formation of Expanding Records in 1995. Since then he has released dozens of albums as Benge, as well as collaborating with various luminaries from the electronic music world on many other album projects. He has formed several notable and ongoing bands such as John Foxx & The Maths, Wrangler (with Stephen Mallinder / Cabaret Voltaire and Phil Winter / Tunng), Fader (with Neil Arthur / Blancmange), and his most recent project Creep Show (Wrangler + John Grant). Benge’s creative output now centres around his Memetune Studio Complex, located in one of the UKs remotest moorland locations, writing and producing his various music projects as well as making video art and TV programmes about his activities.

“The View From Vega”, his debut solo album on the DiN imprint, is primarily an ambient suite of tracks inspired by the space-music typically produced in the late 1970s and early 1980s. It uses a selection of vintage synthesisers, sequencers and FX units to provide a fertile sonic landscape to explore. The idea was to use simple sequences (using both analogue and digital units), sustained synthesiser pads and electronic piano improvisations, alongside various ancient delay, flange and reverb units. The beautiful, warm quality of the tones that exude from such instruments are very evident on the six tracks that slowly unfold their oscillations in organic, melodic soundscapes.

An unashamedly vintage sounding album in all its analogue glory, “The View From Vega” is released both as a 180g Vinyl edition and a Digipak CD with stunning artwork from Wendy Carroll that matches the music perfectly.

Limited to 300 copies
  New in Catalog V/A – Schallplatte 26 – Architektur

1 – Adeptus Mechanicus – Building Electronic Castles (06:17) (Gerrit Johannes Vos, NL)
2 – Hyrn – Planetary Urbanism (05:49) (Björn Walde, D)
3 – Junico – Ghost Station (Underground) (04:33) (D)
4 – Spectral Tune – Building Nummer 24 (04:11) (Erik Matheisen, D)
5 – Saiowa – Media-Harbour (05:49) (Christian Meier, D)
6 – Dieter Herten – Bauhaus 23 (07:02), (D)
7 – VoLt – Serenity (05:43) (Michael Shipway & Steve Smith †, GB)
8 – mypan – Die Alte Uhr des Raum-Zeit Architekten (06:55) (Michael Stehl, D)
9 – Tonal Assembly – The Cathedral (06:17) (Dr. Taede Smedes, NL)
10 – Uwe Reckzeh – The Architecture of Dreams (07:00), (D)
11 – Jim Ottaway – Touching The Sky (06:26) (AUS)
12 – Colin Rayment – Beneath The Shard (06:58) (GB)
13 – Stan Dart – Lost Place (Nature’s back) (06:19) (Richard Hasiba, A)

A wonderfull collection of great music and musicians!!
We have a limited amount of these CD’s and believe me the music is stunning and a good way to get new musicians in your musical vision!
Matthew Stringer (Perge) – Changing Landscapes (2cd)

1-1 – A Man With A Van 2:03
1-2 – Sundrip 7:09
1-3 – Ten Thousand Days 5:54
1-4 – I Feel Laserium 14:38
Written-By, Recorded By – Graham Getty
1-5 – Crystal 3:44
Keyboards [Additional] – John Christian
1-6 – Zed Won 6:04
1-7 – Little Novas 3:30
1-8 – Retrospect 7:49
1-9 – Albedo: Zero Point One Five 4:33
1-10 – Mars 8:26

2-1 – Mesentoa 18:22
Sequencer [Analog], Programmed By [Modular Synthesizer] – Graham Getty
2-2 – Hypatia 11:09
2-3 – Out Of The Woodwork 14:16
Sequencer [Analog], Programmed By [Modular Synthesizer] – Graham Getty
2-4 – Haumea 10:22
Guitar – Graham Charman

Great Electronic music full in the style of the TD age of Baumann, Froese and Franke. Perge – Out: The Sessions

1 – The Colour Of Water – 14:28
2 – Sunlight – 9:36
3 – Giraffe – 7:36
4 – The Ghosts Of Antarctica – 7:40
5 – Too Late – 14:29

Companion to ‘Out The Way We Came In’ continuing to explore the sounds and textures of the mid to late 80’s electronica

Written, performed & produced by Matthew Stringer
Except ‘Ghosts of Antarctica’ which was a live improvisation inspired by the Theme from Antarctica by Vangelis. Copyright © 2023 Groove Unlimited, All rights reserved.