E-News 1362 – March 29th 2024
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Happy Easter everybody!!
Enjoy the Easter bunny time.
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Short E-News this time.
Just so much to do for E-Day 2024 – 20 April  CKE in Eindhoven.
(by the way only 4 tickets left!!)

First a plug for this:

Ian Boddy & Erik Wøllo
Capstone Theatre, Liverpool on Saturday 20th April

Ticket sales from: https://tinyurl.com/yjnxk98m

The DiN electronica label is celebrating its 25th anniversary in 2024 and is proud to present this special concert with label founder Ian Boddy playing alongside Norwegian ambient guitarist Erik Wøllo. Whilst Boddy has played at the Capstone Theatre several times before this is, in fact, Wøllo’s debut UK concert. This latter fact is rather surprising as Wøllo has over 50 albums to his name in a range of electronic genres as well as having toured extensively in Europe & the USA.

The pair will each play a solo set followed by a joint on stage performance combining Boddy’s use of analogue modular synths with Erik’s haunting Ebow guitar and flowing keyboard lines. They have previously released three studio and one live album on Boddy’s DiN label and their last album, Revolve (DiN73) received the Schallwelle Award in Germany for best ambient album in 2023.

6.30pm – Doors Open
7.00 – 7.30pm – Ian Boddy Solo Set
7.30 – 7.50pm – Break
7.50 – 8.20pm – Erik Wollo Solo Set
8.20 – 8.50pm – Break
8.50 – 9.50pm – Ian Boddy & Erik Wollo Joint Set.

Dreamscape radio
There will be a new Dreamscape this weekend (Saturday).

That is it more news (lots of) next week
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