E-News 1375 – 6th July 2024
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Not much news but we have added some really cool new releases and most are already in stock!!

Various Artists – 25 Years of DiN (2CD)

Disc One

01 Benge – Shadow – The Rest Of Light 05:06
02 Dave Bessell – All Is Now 08:36
03 Bluetech – Broken Prisms Still Refract Light 05:39
04 Erik Wøllo – Emergence 06:56
05 Lyonel Bauchet – A Perfect Day For Uncertainty 07:16
06 Robert Rich – Ornament Drift 05:38
07 d’Voxx – Vila Madalena 06:29
08 Parallel Worlds – Some Space 06:59
09 Ian Boddy – Small World 07:07
10 Polypores – Viridescence 07:37

Total Time: 67:38

Disc Two

01 Markus Reuter – Albatross 06:01
02 Field Lines Cartographer – Sea Of Grass 07:53
03 Scanner – Now There Was Nowhere 06:29
04 Chris Carter – Consonance 03:17
05 Bernhard Wöstheinrich – On The Cusp Of Lucid Dreaming 07:02
06 Radio Massacre International – Flying Colours 07:14
07 Surface 10 – Psyche Dio 07:59
08 Nigel Mullaney – There Is No Dark 06:14
09 Node – Rewind 10:08
10 ARC – System Six 11:33

Total Time: 74:09

This is certainly a milestone release for the DiN label as it celebrates its 25th anniversary. Needless to say, this is quite an achievement for a niche, independent label that has relentlessly ploughed its own path for quarter of a century. Its catalogue and release schedule has been carefully curated over all these years by label boss Ian Boddy, who launched the imprint way back in the spring of 1999. It is perhaps a reflection of his own musical identity which, whilst grounded in the Berlin School of the 1970s, has continued to evolve and grow to cover ever widening areas of electronic music, where sub-genres can be mixed and matched at will.

There have been plenty of compilation albums released on the DiN label in the past, most notably the iNDEX sampler albums, of which there have been eight to date. These cover tracks from existing albums and are certainly a great showcase for the label. However, this double album is different, in that Boddy invited the majority of the musicians who have previously been released on the main DiN catalogue to compose new pieces. Spread across two discs, this amounts to 142 minutes of sublime, varied and thoroughly original music. Ranging from beautifully ambient to dark brooding soundscapes, via cinematic electronica through to old school Berlin School sequencer workouts, “25 Years of DiN” is a wonderful distillation of the DiN label.

Presented in a stunning six panel fold out Digipak double CD package with 8-page booklet featuring an essay by Neil Mason (Moonbuilding), this release is a must-have for collectors of the DiN labels output.

Roach, Steve / theAdelaidean : Parallels (2CD)

1. Finding Focus
2. Cloud Theatre
3. Skyline Shards
4. Dusk Portrait
5. Vanishing Point
Total Time: 61:16

6. North Parallel
7. Airspace Vista
8. South Parallel
9. Horizon Convergence
10. Intersecting Fields
Total Time: 66:13

Across 8,500 miles (14,000 kilometres) and one sweeping ocean, pioneering electronic music maestro Steve Roach and new gen artist theAdelaidean align their ambient atmospherics within Parallels, a double album both introspective and otherworldly. Each half of Parallels expands upon themes of togetherness and separation through luminous soundscapes that radiate a gentle warmth. Melodic fragments call across vast, reverberant expanses, revealing unique expressive sensibilities and unexpected creative parallels. The ten tracks are serene and meditative, an immersive crossing of spatial and sonic universes.

This collaboration merges Baja Arizona-based Roach’s decades of mastery sculpting immersive soundworlds with Australia-based theAdelaidean’s delicate, meticulous sound design, taking the listener through a stately unfurling of translucent textures and etheric dronescapes. The synergy between the artists is revealed within the deep, resonating pads, liminal slow-moving sequencers, and occasional brilliant fractures of piano which provide a gentle propulsion through space and silence. Sweeping yet intimate, the over two-hour work concludes with the monumental 45-minute closer, “Intersecting Fields,” resolving on a note of transcendence, a lingering hushed state with fragments of glowing luminosity.

Parallels is a testament to the power of the true collaboration, an essential listen for fans of both Roach and theAdelaidean.

theAdelaidean is Australian composer and #1 New York Times bestselling author Sean Williams. He has released music as “theAdelaidean” on Projekt, independently and under his real name for exhibitions, film scores, and the stage. Recent years saw world premieres of the multi-artform dance work Bárbaros, nominated for a Ruby Award, the independent films Life Savings and Lucid Dreaming, for which he wrote the scores, and The Magnetic Quiet Zone, an audiovisual installation created with Philip Samartzis. Sean lives on Kaurna lands, South Australia, and works at Flinders University.

As a pioneering cornerstone of ambient-atmospheric-electronic music, internationally-renowned artist Steve Roach has dedicated his life to exploring myriad soundworlds that express a timeless source of inspiration. Capturing peak moments as they occur in his Timeroom studio or in the live setting, he manifests a sonic experience that breathes a vital life energy, connecting to an ever-expanding global audience. Drawing from his 45-year dedication to the evolution of electronic music, concerts worldwide, and a lifelong passion for the hardware instrument-based way of working, Roach brings us to a summit drawn from his life in the soundcurrent — a timeless ephemeral and empowered space that soothes, inspires and enlightens..

And we have a special from the past.
Walter Wegmüller – Tarot (Box set!)

Limited Edition, Numbered, + Tarot Card Deck + Inserts (no-000238). This is a secondhand box in good shape!

A Cosmic Courier Production by Rolf-Ulrich Kaiser & Gille.
The Cosmic Couriers. Ohr Musik Produktion, Berlin.

All performer instruments are uncredited.

Deluxe box set edition, contains two CDs in a tri-fold Digipak (6 page with white trays) including a 16 page booklet (which has reset images and text from the original box information cards and a reduced replica of the original Tarot Card sheet), plus a sealed full Tarot Card Deck: Gipsy Tarot Tsigane = Zigeuner-Tarot created by Walter Wegmuller.

The Digipak and CDs in this differ from those in the later (unlimited, not boxed) Digipak edition. The booklet in both editions is the same.

Limited Edition of 3000 copies, machine numbered on a small sticker on the back of the box.

And more new releases further in the newsletter!!

Summer Gift special
Summer sale present  the holiday season is already on the way. 
Until August we will include a free Hoilday gift (A CD!!) in your package free of charge with every order of 2 CD’s or more!!! And with out making the postage more expensive. So A freebee with every order of 2 CD’s.  

Which CD will be a surprise but they will be from the Groove catalog of the 90’s and early 2000! 
So go and stroll through our catalog, more then 4000!! Titles are here for you to choose from and if you want the music soon take the instock items 🙂

Thanks for your time.
Ron & Monique The concerts!! E-live 2024 19th of October 2024
And what a program we have for you.

Main stage Artists:
David Wright and Friends
Frank van Bogaert
Pete Challoner
AE van Elst Projects

Foyer concerts by / Tectonia

The tickets are now online and if you can pre-order hem as we can then see if all goes as planned.

The price is €32.00 for the whole day of top notch Electronic Music!! 
So join us and support us! We need days like this for our scene.

Start 12.30 (Bar Doors open at 12.00)
De Stoelendans (formerly The Enck) – The Netherlands
De Loop 67, 5688 EW Oirschot

Schmoelling’s S.A.W. Live in Oirschot S.A.W.
(Schmoelling/Waters/Ader/Merz) Oirschot/NL
21st of September 2024. / The Enck (now De Stoelendans)

• SAW / Schmoelling/Waters/Ader/Merz (D)
• Gert Emmens & Ron Boots (featuring Harold vd Heijden) (NL)

Don’t miss these epic concerts it is going to be great and in our beloved The Enck in Oirschot.

Here a nice promo video from the guys from S.A.W.

Tickets for the S.A.W. concert in Oirschot are now online. 

• SAW / Schmoelling/Waters/Ader/Merz
• Gert Emmens & Ron Boots (featuring Harold vs Heijden) (NL)

Start 19.30 (Bar Doors open at 18.00)
De Stoelendans (formerly The Enck) – The Netherlands
De Loop 67, 5688 EW Oirschot

And we can use the tickets sales to pre finance the festivals so if you are planning to come order those tickets in advance. NEW in CATALOG The following releases are now in the catalog.

Paul Nagle – Interzed
Ken Martin – Galactic Formations
Paul Nagle – Exoplanets Vol 1
Paul Nagle – Exoplanets Vol 2
Paul Nagle – Exoplanets Vol 3
Paul Nagle – The Moment
Ken Martin – Unknown Frontiers
Paul Nagle – The Magical Smoke Bag
Ken Martin – Cybernetic Fusion
Paul Nagle – Transhuman
Andy Pickford – RadioSilence – Earthlight
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