Age – Lost in Silence

 8,90 13,75

Released: 2019 By Groove Unlimited


  1. Hope in Silence 00:02:43.61
  2. Departure to Nowhere 00:05:24.21
  3. Hypnagogie (Part1) 00:11:38.13
  4. Light Arrows 00:05:27.54
  5. Hypnagogie (Part2) 00:09:16.00
  6. Nowhere 00:04:54.31
  7. Whispering Light 00:01:47.68
  8. Running through Time 00:04:32.65
  9. Palais Montcalm 00:01:36.60
  10. Gone Alone 00:03:44.59
  11. Timeless 00:02:58.16
  12. Scary Night 00:03:02.01
  13. Hypnagogie (Part3) 00:05:48.34
  14. Hope and Silence 00:02:38.58Total CD 01:05:36.16

One continues musical journey through the music of Emmanu�l D’Haeyer and Guy Vachaudez.

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  1. Sylvain Lupari

    Me, who thought that AGE had made a comeback last year with the reissue, by Groove, of Landscapes, I was left for a pleasant surprise discovering that Emmanuel D’Haeyere and Guy Vachaudez was very active since 2015, and went on to make two more albums following this LOST IN SILENCE, produced and also made on Ron Boots’ label. This 14th album of AGE is a studio version of the concert that the Belgian duo had presented as part of the E-Live 2018 festival held in Netherlands. The music presented here is from 2 upcoming albums, namely Hypnagogie, which is a purely ambient and cosmic album, and Sequenz, an album structured on the work of the sequencers. It’s thus a journey between the stars and the rhythms that awaits the listener who is heading to discover the 61 minutes of LOST IN SILENCE.

    And it begins with a Hope in Silence” which arises with its slow wings of orchestration which embrace a sensitive and moving piano. A voice whispers behi nd the scenes and its whispers join “Departure to Nowhere” and its introduction gassed with a superb Mellotron flute. We go back in time with this analog savour which initiates a good electronic rock. Structured on a mesh of rhythmic lines from the sequencer and the electronic drums

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