Agitation Free – 2nd


Released: 1973 By Mig

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  1. First Communication [8:11]
  2. Dialogue and Random [1:51]
  3. Laila, Part 1 [1:41]
  4. Laila, Part 2 [6:46]
  5. In The Silence Of The Morning Sunrise [6:37]
  6. A Quiet Walk [9:17]
    1. Listening
    2. Two – Not Of The Same Kind
  7. Haunted Island [7:11]

    Bonus track:

  8. Laila ’74 [7:42]

Fundamental krautrock

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  1. Greg Northrup

    Second is another classic album from Agitation Free, one of the leading lights of the Krautrock movement in Germany.
    As opposed to Malesch, Second shows some slight change in direction for the band. It becomes readily apparent on the first track that the band’s sound is slightly jazzier and the melodies are a little tighter and stonger. The guitar duels between Ulbrich and Diez are utterly gorgeous, and the melodies absolutely shimmer throughout the album.
    The only misstep is probably Hoenig‘s Dialogue & Random”

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