Akikaze – Global Textures

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Released: 2023 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. Song of the Autumn Wind
  2. Do your parents know
  3. The Quiet Force
  4. Song of the Wolves
  5. Mellow Tones
  6. Private Dance V2
  7. Granny’s Kitchen Garden
  8. The Navel of the World
  9. The road to Paradise
  10. The magic Carpet
  11. Himalaya
  12. Autumn Wind

The making of Global Textures by Akikaze

A detailed story of the recording process can be read on www.akikaze.nl/about
What follows here is a brief note on the album.

Global Textures is the magnum opus (so far) of Pepijn Courant, a.ka. Akikaze. This is different music from earlier albums. This is not world music because all music is from the world. It is music with respect for the cultures that inspired it. Pepijn grew up listening to all kinds of music from all over the world. The project started with a piece inspired by Pepijn’s first trip outside Europe to Indonesia. More trips followed that triggered more inspiration. In this album most hobbies of Pepijn are combined: music, language, foreign cultures and nature. He played every instrument and performed most vocals, even the female. He wrote lyrics in Japanese, Thai, Russian (his major at university), Persian and Sanskrit and learnt the basics of the Lakota language in order to be able to narrate a Lakota legend. There won’t be a second album on the planet like this made by a single person. Many sounds used are sample based and physically modelled electronic sounds, acoustic percussion and acoustic and electric stringed instruments, but analogue and digital synthesizers were used as well.

Greetings, Pepijn

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