Alpha Lyra – Spacefish


Released: 2011 By PWM Distribution

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  1. DVD 1: Alpha Lyra 75 min
  2. DVD 2: Olivier Briand 90 min

Here are two concerts seen on two DVDrs. Very beautiful electronic music with a great light show recorded in Nantes in 2010.

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  1. Sylvain Lupari /

    Here is a very strange musical cocktail; the poetic and melodious Alpha Lyra coupled to the very articulated and unpredictable Olivier Briand for the time of a musical evening under lasers and film screens of a cosmic and aquatic world. Christian Piednoir (Alpha Lyra) and Olivier Briand are 2 French synthesists whom are part of a musical and art association intended to promote the electronic and progressive music made in France. On this evening of August 21st, 2010 both accomplices gave each a solo performance in Nantes. Intimate concerts where spectators were invited to a fusion of aquatic and cosmic worlds with the very ethereal and spatial music of Alpha Lyra and the one, a little more dynamic and progressive, of Olivier Briand. Two very different concerts where the beauty and the beast dumbfounded spectators stunned by so many colors, lasers and music without borders.

    Christian Piednoir is used to write music about sea depths. In 2006 he composed the music of Aquarius on the fringes of the writing from Marie-Paule Piednoirs book Aquariussous le signe des poissons. He is a brilliant synthesist of which the sensibility is not without recalling the oniric and poetic sweetness of Michel Huygen and Neuronium. Strangely cosmic, From Earth to the Deep Sea opens with heavy pads which inhale mechanics of spatial vessels. Cosmic electronic tones pound under powerful of a biting synth and pave the way with fine sequenced arpeggios which dance under movements of more celestial synth. A beautiful track where images of seabed are in symbiosis with a music which varies between the ambient and rhythm always nuanced and balanced of Alpha Lyra who likes to draws his poetic mixed-choir of heavy and captivating slinky strata. Morphic, Space Fish” intro is immersed by soft layers of a synth which waltz la Neuronium in spatial corals where the duality of atmospheres splits in a slow cosmic dance gradually deviating towards an aquatic fauna. Here as everywhere on this double DVD

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