Alpha Lyra – Ultime Atome


Released: 2017 By PWM Distribution

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  1. Uuu 111
  2. Uub 112
  3. Uut 113
  4. Uuq 114
  5. Uup 115
  6. Uuh 116
  7. Uus 117
  8. Uuo 118
  9. Uun 119
  10. L�ltime atome

Music for the micro cosmos!

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / synth&

    An album on atoms! Is it interesting you? With a series of titles bearing different nicknames of atoms in search of life and names, Alpha Lyra concocts an EM which flirts with the different variables of these atoms in an album where ambient music is delicately propelled by a nameless rhythmic life. Ultime Atome is a superb continuity to the very good Between Cloud and Sky album with figures of ambient rhythms camouflaged in a swarm of synth pads with contrasting tones and where the translucent side is never too far from the sibylline state. And if my cranial space is not overloaded with painkillers, I’d dare to say that it’s a neutron concert dictated by a musician who flirts dangerously with the boundaries of being and non-being.

    Cottony mist breezes open the Uuu111″ experience. A slight manipulation of the sequencer carves a traveling rhythm whose minimalist approach hosts a concert of translucent synth pads filled by radiations and others filled by heavenly voices. Filaments of an azure blue cover this delicate approach which melts too quickly in the silence. No problem

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