AlphaLyra – Full Colours


Released: 2021 By PWM Distribution

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1 Tender Garance 13:01
2 Crystal Red 17:43
3 Mars Yellow 17:19
4 Deep Indigo 12:45
5 Celestial Blue 14:34

This project from Christian Piednoir is the perfect example of an excellent artist whose lack of visibility prevents thousands of cosmic ambient music consumers from discovering Alpha Lyra. FULL COLOURS is already a 10th album for the French musician who came out of the anonymity since his first opus, Music for the Stars released in 2006. This new album revolves around 5 long tracks more or less inspired by the pandemic that has been going on the globe since winter 2020. More or less, since FULL COLOURS proposes an intimist music where Alpha Lyra paints in music the blue as the madder and/or the red in pastel tints to make us dream eyes open and abandoned to our ears for 76 minutes of pure delight. In a perfect balance between Berlin School style and meditative music, FULL COLOURS can be listened to actively, with all its nuances, or idly in search of sleep, but after Crystal Red.

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