AlphaLyra – Sailing over the Sea


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1 – Leaving to dream – 15.39
2 – A beautiful escape – 18.02
3 – Draw me a cloud -13.42
4 – Sailing over the sea – 18.20

Total duration: 65 minutes

The idea of ​​“Sailing over the sea” was born during a trip to England, while flying over the Atlantic coast. This vision of clouds seeming to hover a few meters above the surface of the sea, lit by a sumptuous and generous golden light of a setting sun was a real trigger for a title and the theme of the album.
The construction of the pieces is based on what I have always liked to do. Set up an atmosphere slowly so that the listener feels carried away by the emotions that I wish to convey. We find very elaborate sounds in their structures, calm breaks which allow us to breathe between complex sequences, but also contributions of rhythms which give relief.
This new CD is a continuity in my musical evolution. There are no big changes, but certainly different emotions are behind the use of sometimes vintage sounds, or sequences that can recall the complexities of those created by Klaus in these last productions.

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