Amir Baghiri – Winterscape (2ndhand)


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1 /Stormy Meeting 5:47
2 /Shadows And Stones 5:15
3 /Dreaming Out Of The Darkness 6:17
4 /Wide Sky Over The Frozen Shroud 6:15
5 /In The Guts Of The Earth 8:33
6 /Ancient Liquid Whispers 7:45
7 /Spectres Of A Dead Lake 7:39
8 /Grinding Old Man 2:40
9 /December Night 4:01
10 /Eternal Ice 3:25
11 /Crows Dance Over A Waste Land 7:11
12 /Promises 6:58

Instrumentation: subtractive, additive and FM synthesizers, processors programming and ambient creating, percussion programming and groove creating, various percussion, didjeridoos, powerslide, ney and ocarina, chanting voices and distant guitar, LW-radio and walkie-talkie, bullroarer and spiritcatcher, rainsticks and several chimes.
Nature ambient digitally recorded at Norway-North Cap 1997.

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