Anders Jorgenson – Greatest Hits


Released: 2015 By Syngate Records

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  1. The Good, The Bad and The Modular [8:30]
  2. Stormchaser [12:43]
  3. The Secrets of Stonehenge [6:41]
  4. Tsing Tao [9:41]
  5. Space Hockey [11:01]
  6. Monster [9:25]

J�rg Erren und Andreas Kleinw�chter made this Berlinschool inspired album. J�rg Erren is one of the guys who made the fantastic Ouddorp Takes and Ouddorp Tapes!!

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / &

    I was more than delighted by the music of EFSS (Jrg Erren, Bert Fleiig, Jochen Schttler and Christian Steffen) and more recently that of Von Hallgath. And when I heard that Jrg Erren was behind this quite new project named Anders Jrgensen, appeared on the SynGate label at the end of 2015, I didn’t hesitate to plunge. Flanked by his accomplice within the band of German synth-pop Dusk to Dawn; Andreas Kleinwchter (aka Andreas Larsen), Jrg Erren forms another dynamic musical project which dives literally into these rhythms dark and tortured by sound effects that we discovered in the universes of EFSS and Von Hallgath. And no, Greatest Hits is not a compilation of success of an unknown band. It’s rather a satiric title of which the meaning can feed all forms of interpretations. Strongly anchored in the very dynamic kind of Von Hallgath, Greatest Hits is the fruit of 3 studio recording sessions where Jrg Erren and Andreas Kleinwchter have structured an EM on the improvisation scale of which the main rhythmic engine is a troop of sequenced pulsations which weave heavy rhythms. Structures of rhythm many times subdivided or multiplied by the explosions of pulsations and sequences which take on tones as musical than organic. This is candy for the ears which love that when the minimalist art widens its ramifications beyond the anesthesia of linear and sedentary rhythms.

    The Good

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