Andreas Akwara – Blue velvet


Released: 2009 By Andreas Akwara

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  1. Blue velvet part I [10:41]
  2. Blue velvet part II [9:13]
  3. Blue velvet part III [24:01]MP3 soundclip of part 3 [3:04]
  4. Blue velvet part IV [4:06]
  5. Blue velvet part V [3:32]
  6. Blue velvet part VI [1:48]
  7. Blue velvet part VII [4:31]MP3 soundclip of part 7 [2:48]
  8. Blue velvet part VIII [2:56]
  9. Blue velvet part IX [7:39]MP3 soundclip of part 9 [3:00]

Relaxing, melodic, space

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2 reviews for Andreas Akwara – Blue velvet

  1. P. Stelson / USA

    I listen to BLUE VELVET a lot and especially the first half of the CD comes along with a certain WARM -Melodic and majestic feeling, typical of many tracks from AKWARA. However, I still feel there is something missing on the last two albums. That certain WOW!!!” effect hardly caught me (apart from Part II and maybe Part I). Large Portions are somewhat trance-like

  2. Artemi Pugachov / Russia

    This new album by Andreas Akwara offers 68 minutes of floating ambience and melodic electronics.

    Part I starts with noises recorded at a playground. After a while a tolling bell is heard and an electronic soundscape is introduced. A fanfare is heard before a shadowy soundscape takes over. All kinds of effects and soft pads are what this section is basically about. It does create a special, relaxing atmosphere. There’s also a soft melody played on top. It’s all fairly New Agey, but nicely done. Towards the end the track becomes more melancholic and ethereal, albeit remains stressedly bright and uplifting.
    The second part has some sharper sounds and an underlying sequence. A soft, steady rhythm starts, as various pads dominate the picture. If you fuse soft Techno, Space Music and melodic electronics, you’ll get something akin to this track. Nice atmospheric stuff that just chugs along nicely and unobtrusively.
    Part III is the longest track clocking at 24 minutes. Synth pads and noises rush on around the listener, before a steady but effective two-note sequence takes over. The floating nature of this track reminds a bit on Bayreuth Return” off Schulze‘s “Timewind”

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