Andreas Akwara – Quantum


Released: 2009 By Andreas Akwara

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  1. Quantum Part 1 [5:14]
  2. Quantum Part II [11:10]MP3 soundclip of Part II [3:00]
  3. Quantum Part III [8:37]
  4. Quantum Part IV [6:08]
  5. Quantum Part V [4:03]
  6. Quantum Part VI [18:11]
  7. Quantum Part VII [5:00]

Gentler, more relaxing side of EM

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1 review for Andreas Akwara – Quantum

  1. P Southsky / USA

    The last two Albums of Akwara didn’t really get me going. A little set back, after such a brilliant Album as Synthetic Horizon definitely was. Quantum however definitely surpasses what I felt as brilliant on that former album.

    Tracks 2,3,4 and 5 are a perfect blend of highly spiritual and powerful EM only very few artists have come up with.I cannot explain the sort of energy I feel, when listening to it on my System.I wonder were Akwara gets that energy from.Apart from Track 1 which comes very Vangelis like, the album has very unearthly sound structures.Actually Quantum could have set complete new standards for space music. Amongst EM Composers, I think Akwara may have set himself apart from many others.

    One more album like this, and I consider his name amongst the big ones.

    2009. P Southsky / USA

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