Andreas Vollenweider – Slowflow + Dancer (2CD)


Released: 2023 By MIG

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CD – Slow Flow

1 As We Sail On By 4:13
2 Deep Green Waltz 2:39
3 Slow Flow 3:49
4 Forevernow 3:29
5 In The Heart Of Your Mind 3:12
6 Find Me In My Dream 3:54

CD – Dancer

1 WoaWoa Up the River of Joy 5:43
2 Scarabaeus Those who know the Way 3:51
3 The Golden Bird 2:37
4 Uthando See the thousand Shapes of Love 3:48
5 Up & Out 5:10

“Slow Flow” is a collection of pieces with a relaxed, flowing feel, while “Dancer” is full of movement and rhythm.All 11 songs on “Slow Flow” and “Dancer” were created between 2010 and 2021 in collaboration with British producer Andy Wright (Eurythmics, Simply Red, Jeff Beck, Simple Minds, among many others). The two were supported in their creative process by Vollenweider’s talented circle of friends, who laid the foundation for the songs: Walter Keiser (drums), Andi Pupato (percussion), Daniel Kueffer (bass clarinet), Oliver Keller (guitars) and the young Swiss rapper and beat boxer Steff La Cheffe, a.k.a. Stefanie Peter.The music of “Dancer” also reflects Vollenweider’s connection with Africa. The South African vocal harmony band Africapella and singer Ayanda Nhlangothi embody this connection.The London Session Orchestra, consisting of musicians from the Royal Symphonic Orchestra under the direction of James McWilliam, filled out the sound. Renowned British producer and arranger Peter Vettese is responsible for most of the orchestration.The recordings took place at Andreas’ Lakeside Studios in Switzerland, as well as at SABC Studios in Johannesburg, South Africa, and finally at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London. Andy Wright’s long-time sound engineer Gavin Goldberg has set new sonic standards for Vollenweider’s music with his work, and is able to delight even the most discerning audiophiles with a punchy yet transparent, dynamic soundscape.

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