Andy Pickford – Vanguard 3


Released: 2017 By New World Music Limited

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  1. Free all Angels
  2. Ritual (Elektro Mix)
  3. Could you Cry
  4. Rise
  5. Schadenfreude
  6. Ahnenerbe
  7. Transit
  8. Elektra
  9. Ascendance
  10. Wished

Part 3 of this Trilogy!!

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1 review for Andy Pickford – Vanguard 3

  1. Sylvain Lupari

    To be a fan of Andy Pickford can turn out destabilizing! I am not a fan from the very beginning, but I learnt to know the artist and to like his music since the adventure of Spank the Dark Monkey and Binar in the early 2000’s. And after an absence of about 10 years, he made a strong comeback with the Vanguard trilogy begun in 2015 on the AD Music label. Since then, he widely compensated these years far from the scene of EM with not less than 10 albums in 2 years. And each of those album hides traps of seduction, otherwise of addiction. That takes some doing! Destabilizing because AP touches everything with the fervor and a rage to put his fans on a foot of alert by jumping from a style to another with as much ease as grace. In so doing, each album becomes an opened door towards a wonderful world of sounds, of rhythms and of ambience which are as well attractive as puzzling, like in this Vanguard III.

    The adventure begins with a horn of plenty which let drops its sound prisms from the heavens, so pouring a delicate ethereal approach where ring a beautiful variety of celestial bells. Free all Angels” leans from now on a purely electronic rhythm which is transformed into a good rock. The bass is throbbing and its humming sometimes gets lost in full resounding layers of which the hoarse radiances try to forge fine stroboscopic circles. The percussions are in the tone and the synths decorate a sibylline beautification with pearled harmonies and layers of absent voices

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