Ansgar Stock-Liquid Mirrors

 9,90 14,50

Released: 2024 By Groove Unlimited


01 – Liquid Mirrors PART 1 – 12:22.44
02 – Liquid Mirrors PART 2 – 20:55.01
03 – Liquid Mirrors PART 3 – 19:06.01
04 – Nick’s Virtual Garage – 07:36.64

Total CD – 1:00:02.35

In 2019 at the age of only 10 years german electronic music offspring Ansgar Stock released his debut album “Episode I – A new generation” at the Groove Unlimited label and showed a wide range of styles.

Now aged 15 he is back at Groove Unlimited and released the new album “Liquid Mirrors”. This time Ansgar decided for classic Berlin school style and played the whole album completely live without the use of computers, multitrack recordings, etc.

The album starts with the melodic sequencer driven upbeat track Liquid Mirrors Part 1.

Its followed by Liquid Mirrors Part 2 in which Ansgar creates a hypnotic ambient structure that slowly increases density and pulls the listener deeper and deeper into it.

Liquid Mirrors Part 3 is like telling the story of a journey which starts slow and gets faster and faster.

The last track Nick´s virtual garage combines strong sequences, almost oriental melodies and metalic noises while it slowly increases its density and mood.

Listen to an exciting hour of electronic music created by one of the very few young artists of this genre.

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