Arcane – Automaton


Released: 2016 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. Automaton [4:39]
  2. Brazen Head [3:38]
  3. Predetermined Sequence [6:10]
  4. Perew’s Man [3:53]
  5. Euphonia [6:10]
  6. The Steam Man [7:27]
  7. The Bird Trainer (Quintet for Buchla Music Easels) [4:53]
  8. The Martinet Elephant [4:49]
  9. The Turk [4:49]
  10. Mechanical Beetle [5:34]

After years a new Arcane album!! Paul Lawler the man behind Arcane created this Berlin/Ambient album with help of only Modualr Synths that self generative modular synth atmospheres, sequences, vintage Fx, and Drums

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / &

    What can we expected from Paul Lawler after his very dark and ambient Black Knight, the last E.P of Arcane which went out hardly 1 year ago? Nevertheless, the brilliant musician and synthesist from England always had the art to destabilize his public with albums which illuminate either his name or that of Arcane. Automaton does not make an exception! Announced with great pomp as being the very first opus to be released on the new division of the Dutch label Groove, the series GR-1000 which specializes in the publishing of high quality CD offered in cardboard sleeve, Automaton is an album more experimental than musical that Paul Lawler has shaped by the means of modular synths which generate atmospheres of modular synths, sequences and drums as well as vintage effects. These multiple layers aim at imitating, in music, the self-propelled nature of automatons. You see the kind? And Paul warned me with insistence; it’s an album of very experimental modular synth and don’t especially expect nice synth tunes! Possible… But the music is going to crush you wildly! And it starts with Automaton”.

    Metallic wings which sharply shiver

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