Ash Ra Tempel – Ash Ra Tempel (Re-mastered)


Released: 2011 By Mig

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  1. Amboss [19:40]
  2. Traummaschine [25:24]

Goettsching, Schulze, Enke

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2 reviews for Ash Ra Tempel – Ash Ra Tempel (Re-mastered)

  1. Nathan / New Zealand

    Original, Experimental, Cosmic, Chaotic, Art music. Open minded space cadets should hunt this down.

    2003. Nathan / New Zealand

  2. John M. Koons / USA

    Timeless classic slice of Berlin-school era psychedelic swirling electric and electronic haze. Devoid of any sense of commercialism or stale repetitive rhythms, I hear something new every time I play this 30+ year old release.
    Fantastic contrast between the two sides, the frenzied Amboss reaching soul-invigorating climaxes with Gttsching‘s brilliant middle-easternesque guitar drones. Traummaschine on side two poses as a study in the silence between the notes as much as the music itself by frequently fading into near blackness at times.
    Yin and Yang. Indispensable.

    2004. John M. Koons / USA

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